Diablo II Ladder Reset - June 11

Is there a time window for the reset? Or just at any point in time on June 11th?


This will be the legend-reset! <3
The last REAL Reset over so many years.
D2R We coming :smiley:


Hello @PezRadar, thank you so much for this announcement! We are very excited and looking forward to this final ladder reset and most importantly, D2R!


Re-read what he said: It’s the final reset before the D2R launch.

Also read the last paragraph that clearly states there will be resets for both, D2R and D2 on a separate cadence once D2R is released.


Separate cadence meaning length because D2: R will have shorter Ladder seasons.

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Great news! Are you expecting US West to be back up and running properly?

This will be my last reset ever on these servers. Quite excited to leave them behind for good though.

1 last run for old times sake, let’s go!


You should play East, west so dead !

Much appreciated for your replies! <3
D2R will be so populated with many old and new players. I wonder what extra features they will add to the game to make it even better.
-Stackable miscellaneous (runes, gems) would be nice!


Is this real or like last weeks post saying June 4th?

Is this real or like last weeks post saying June 4th?

Did you even bother to look at who posted it?

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Yes. I’m new to this site. Says community manager but profile is hidden. Last week saw the same post but with the 4th as the date. So as I struggle to find who’s legit and not I’ll continue to ask questions. Thanks.

I’m playing on East now.

To clear things up. This was just someone (who is not officially affiliated with Blizzard) writing a post and signing it as community manager. This is a “blue post”, which only Blizzard employees can create, which is why this is legit.


Is there a specific time. Many of the last resets have occured at 5pm PST / 7pm CST / 8pm EST

Most of us playing diablos are adults in our late 20s or 30s and 40s and have schedules to manage, it would be greatly appreciated if you could provide a specific time as has been done in previous announcements.

“Afternoon” is quite broad, you’re leaving me feeling like I’m going to be needing to sit online refreshing the realm.


They usually put up a time, but also usually took much shorter or longer than anticipated to bring the servers back up, so I guess they settled with “afternoon” instead :laughing:

I can’t wait to get into one last epic ladder reset on the good old D2 servers before D2:R is released :partying_face:

No era sin tiempo :smiley:

It was not without time :smiley:

what time did they say?