Diablo II Ladder Reset - June 11

i just tried getting on. says same thing. let the 2 hour wait begin

Still no connection…

Relax. Typically, it’s 5pm PST or 8pm EST. Just try every couple minutes while watching youtube or something.

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Is service restored yet?

If you have enough time to log in and post here you have enough time to click the “Battle.NET” button and check?


Can you link instructions on how to check, also is the server up yet?

Sometimes people check and worry the error they’re receiving is something wrong on their end and that the servers are up and they don’t realize it - so asking is a legitimate way to calm those worries.

Can you link instructions on how to link instructions on how to check?

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can i git instuctions on that?

If you’re trying to uhh checkif the server are up, just launch diablo 2 and click battle net with your appropriate gate way selected prior.

The error we’re all getting ucrrently is Unable to connect to battle.net>

If using a modem, you may need to… and blah blabh ignore that part.

But, I’m not using a modem. I have an Internet at my house with the WiFi. No 5G though, so it’s ok, we at least won’t get the covids.

We expect things to start coming online at 5pm PT (in a few minutes!)

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just got in so should be back up

Give the server hamsters five minutes, will ya? For the love of God :slight_smile:

It is letting me get into my previously ladder account, but dies when I try to create a new account (for ladder). Anyone else?

I very much hope you guys do another bot ban wave here in 12-24 hours after you collect data on them all. Keep B-net clean as long as possible this is the reset it matters on as for many of us it will be the last before D2R

I am seeing the same connection problems as on the previous ladder. Hangs at either “Connecting…” or “Checking Versions”. This is considered a violation of the TOS by Blizzard/Activision. The game is unplayable because many people can not reasonably log in. I have been trying for about an hour, and can not get passed the above issues. I can log into USEast, Europe, and Asia. Thus, the problem is USWest the servers. This was a known problem that has not been fixed with the ladder reset. Do whatever it takes to fix the login system ASAP.

go cry some more in the corner

So, When should the reset have taken place, Its been a few years but shouldn’t all the ladder toons move to single player? Its Saturday morning as of now, central time…


Can you do a bot ban wave please?