Diablo Humor & Lore To Kill Time [2] Weeks [0] Days left

Diablo Humor Videos:

  1. Start with: How Diablo Destroyed Tristam - YouTube
  2. Diablo 1: DiabLoL 1 Ep 0 Prelude [Series Premier Date Announcement] - YouTube
  3. Diablo 2: Diablo 2 Baal Runz 101 - YouTube

Diablo Lore Videos:

  1. Pre-Diablo Lore Playlist: Diablo Lore Part 1: Pre Diablo Story - YouTube
  2. Story of D2: The Disturbing Full Story of Diablo 2 - YouTube (almost 7 hours)
  3. Playthrough of D2 with the Story: Diablo 2 - FULL STORY/LORE PLAYTHROUGH - YouTube
  4. D3 story (more fun than playing the game): Diablo Lore Part 4: Diablo 3 Story - YouTube
  5. Diablo 2 Gameplay History: The History of Glitches | Diablo 2 | The 3 Most Game-Breaking Bugs of ALL TIME! (Part 1) - YouTube
  6. Rhykker Diablo Lore Series: Lilith & Inarius: The Birth of Rathma & Humanity - Diablo Lore: Part 1 - YouTube

Diablo 2 Tier Lists:

Entire Playlist: Diablo 2 TIER LIST - Best PvM Playthrough Characters (SSF) - YouTube

  1. Diablo 2 TIER LIST - All Sets - YouTube
  2. Diablo 2 TIER LIST - Unique Armors - YouTube
  3. Diablo 2 TIER LIST - Unique Belts - YouTube
  4. Diablo 2 TIER LIST - BEST Magic Find Builds - YouTube
  5. Diablo 2 TIER LIST - Affixes - YouTube
  6. Diablo 2 TIER LIST - Runes - YouTube
  7. ++ Tier lists of every class skills.


  1. D2 Slang Terms and Acronyms: TOP 50 LINGO TO KNOW FOR DIABLO 2 RESURRECTED - YouTube
  2. D2 Guides for each class if you need to refresh or if you’re new: [Guide] Diablo 2 Basics - Skills - YouTube

I can’t do anything unrelated to Diablo. But i also don’t want to play the original and ruin anything for myself on launch… so of course i’ve just been killing time arguing with strangers on the internet about fictional items and characters. But then i started binge watching videos about the Itemization or Skills and even the damn Lore. I never cared one bit about the storyline of Diablo but I’ve already watched like 20 hours of the entire history on youtube. Heres a catalog for anyone who wants to kill a day or 2.


Love it. Good content.


Yeah, nice post!

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Thanks a lot guys. I thought this thread was going to fade into obscurity without a single comment. Guess i should’ve randomly put something in here about Personal Loot and the vultures would’ve swarmed! :stuck_out_tongue:

ah i know the feeling , most of mine had the same fate , so i never seen yours either :confused:

Nice topic :stuck_out_tongue:

one video i’d like to share is this one , someone rping as the main character of diablo 1.
The good thing in it is , it contain every hidden quest there is in the game , quests that were in the files of the game but weren’t playable. (even with commands edit contrary to hellfire’s)
and also simply the cutted content of each quest like the butcher’s.

you can see izual , andy and even the arcane sanctuary/horazon in it , they did thought of all that during diablo 1 devs and put it in diablo 2 in the end :stuck_out_tongue:


Your welcome! This kind of thing is more what I hoped to find on the Official forum as ‘mental tapas’ for the release… so :+1:

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yeeeep. Even my 28 changes thread doesn’t get nearly as much attention as any of my ploot ones. its absolute insanity here with how no one wants to actually talk about the game in any positive way. I remember it being way less toxic and much more fun in forums when i was a teenager.

Its always crazy to me that they didnt even FINISH Diablo 2 lol. missing quests and and entire areas. Its a pipedream but i really wish they would include all that missing content and/or add more with an expansion. Never thought id be mad D4 was coming out too soon. lmao.

lol ya. Apparently all video game forums are just different levels of twitter-madness. im over on D2jsp and Reddit and its much worse. I remember i used to be on DiabloFans all the time, but that site is completely dead now.

A lot has changed since telnet… and an amount of it not for the better… slap me please I’m reminiscing! lol

D2Jsp and and Reddit is much ‘worse’ than here? you mean for D2R in particular, generally, or both?

Ya it seems the internet is now completely filled with entitled kids and trolls in every corner. Twitter, youtube, FB and worst of all Tik Tok have leaked into everything and poisoned it.

Ya if you post something that isn’t 100% exactly factually correct or don’t post a popular opinion you get swarmed with insults and trolls very quickly.

But this place sure is giving reddit a run for its money in that department. :roll_eyes:

I think we best hope this remaster is really good lol Nice chatting and I’m a bit more glad then for something worth letting my brain absorb :wink: Time for a nap for me… have a peaceful one Haterade! :slight_smile:

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I’ve seen a few of these. But they are CRAZY long. lol. Real interesting though.

Literally some of the funniest cartoons ive ever seen on YT. :joy:

The whole CarbotAnimations for D2 is hilarious.

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Diablo Humor Music:

Deckard Cain Rap [Youtube]