Diablo - BlizzCon 2019 & DIablo IV Mock Logo

Here’s the BlizzCon Wallpaper for BlizzCon 2019!

deviantART: Diablo - BlizzCon 2019 by Holyknight3000 on DeviantArt
twitter: https://twitter.com/Holyknight3000/status/1190213267261669376

Oh I also made a mock Diablo IV logo I made from multiple image sources I hope you like. I made this just for fun!

deviantART: Diablo 4 Logo Mock by Holyknight3000 on DeviantArt
twitter: https://twitter.com/Holyknight3000/status/1190012079933206528
reddit: https://redd.it/dptv0h

Enjoy and I’ll see you guys tomorrow after the Opening ceremony!