Diablo 4 went from 5/10 score to 2.2/10 this past week

Went from 5/10 score on metacritic with about 2000 user reviews

Today it’s at 2.2/10 score on metacritic with about 7000 user reviews.

I don’t need people to defend the game here. The game doesn’t need defending it should stand on its own. It’s time to admit that the game is subpar. It’s okay if you enjoy it and love it. That’s fine, there’s plenty of people who love games that are not that great. Not every game has to be outstanding to be fun. You can enjoy what you like but the fact of the matter is a good amount of fans and new diablo players as well are dissatisfied

Blizzard don’t even want you to discuss Diablo IV here…

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I did watch some gameplay on Twitch. I don’t think it’s bad, i just think it’s not especially good. There’s better than this out there.

Looking at Steam’s lists… There’s a few very fun “mostly positive” rated games. But they have to compete with the sum total of all the “overwhelming positive” out there.

Not a fair fight.

And yes, i do think comparing Diablo to other games out there is appropriate for this channel.

Remember that D3 went through quite a metamorphosis before it evolved into its best version. Granted, it was an interesting and fun game out of the gate, being both challenging and doable. But it still improved.

D4 will undergo improvements over the years (and it has a lot of room to do so). Give it time. They will correct the information overload on gear where many of the affixes are useless. Right now it’s a game where half of your time is spent in town trying to figure out whether something is an upgrade. Once they get that game-playing issue fixed, then it might start to be as fun as D3. D3 is fun because you play 95% of the time and navigate gear maybe 5% of the time.

A game that costs £60-£90 (depending on version), has a paid battle-pass option, and paid for cosmetics needs to be working from day one.

Less than three months after its release, it’s already on sale…