Diablo 4 Town Portal

The town portal is iconic to the Diablo world. The classic blue town portal is cool and all, but i would love to see the customization of different colored town portals by socketing gems into them. Diablo 4 will be it’s own game and I would love to see the portals expanded on.

*Blue - Socketing a saphire into the town portal will make it dark blue
*Red - Socketing a ruby into your town portal will make it dark red
*Green - Socketing an emerald into your town portal will make it dark green
*Purple - Socketing an amethyst into your town portal will make it dark purple
*Yellow - Socketing a topaz into your town portal will make it dark yellow
*Orange - Socketing a garnet into your town portal will make it dark orange
*White - Socketing a diamond into your town portal will make it angelic white
*Black - Socketing an onyx into your town portal will make it demonic black
*Grey - Socketing a skull into your town portal will make it grey


I respect your opinion, but please god, keep them blue for the good guys and red for the guys from hell.


Dont change it if it isnt broken. Too much customization ruins games. Keep it simple


The game play mechanic of the town portal isn’t being changed. I don’t see how changing the color of the town portal would ruin the whole game of Diablo 4. Out of place cosmetics do ruin the immersion but i don’t think different hues would be bad for the world of Diablo? I think a few town portal colors as I listed if done correctly is simple enough and would be a really cool addition to the game in my opinion.

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Upgrade your town portal from blue to purple only $29.99


yes, just after finally realizing that the community wants a darker grittier bloodier diablo, lets listen to this guy and do colorful fun playful town portals.

go back to D3 op.


It’s Apparent that you did not read anything I said. All you cared to see was the list of colors.

And because of that a lot of Diablo players will complain because you are making unneeded changes to it

Just use every colour in the rainbow

Well there is the cosmetic of a spaceman suit running around in Sanctuary will look out of place and stupid but you keep telling yourself cosmetics don’t make a difference

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You don’t have to change the color of yours just keep it blue. Why should everyone look the same or have the exact same portal. There is no diversity and that is boring.

You could easily make portals have a deep dark shade to match the art style. Portals are magic and powerful usually scintillating to regular people. They are supposed to stand out.

If you add random out of place cosmetics then sure that ruins the whole aspect of the game. Portals are a huge part of Diablo lore and different hues would not be out of place if they were done right and matched the world of Diablo.

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Says you
and lore of the game means nothing to you but means a lot to other players
All you are advocating is to butcher and change diablo into not diablo

Like it has always been

You want bright colors, or a different look,
play the Disneyfied D3.
We want a dark and gritty look.
PoE has custom stuff like that, go there.

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Diablo 4 will be it’s own game and who knows what the people in this world have learned about portals since d1-d3? Maybe change the color of their portal because they are using a different type of magic lol.

We need dark and gritty town portals. Brown, grey, black and white. I wont stop until d4 is decorated in the same color scheme as my grandmothers house.

Diablo 4: rise of the edgelords


In Path of exile, you can buy MTX portals replacing the generic blue ones. Ignoring the price , some are pretty cool.

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TBH i feel that you should actually see the location of the town portal THROUGH the portal. even if its just a frozen screenshot.
So a glowy blue border, and the inside oval would look like the front of the shop where the portal opened. once you go through it, the otherside looks like where you came from.

Make it a real dark ugly blue

This is the sort of idea that undermines your entire proposal. Because you’re “bored”, the blue portal has to be made “diverse”? Is “diversity” an inherent good in your mind? Is your “boredom” sufficient reason to change something no one else anywhere is complaining about?

There’s a reason some things are standardized (not diverse). The blue portal is familiar and recognizable. You know what it is and what it does. There is no confusion. You know that when you see a red portal in D3, it goes to more monsters. You know that when you see a gold portal in D3, it goes to Gheed’s Lair. You know that when you see a rainbow portal in D3, it goes to Whimseydale. There’s a standard. The color tells you where you’re going. The system is simple and it works. It doesn’t create visual clutter. It doesn’t have to balanced for color blind palettes. It’s simple, it fits in the Diablo universe, and it works.

You want to change it. Why? “Muh diversity.” And what would it look like? Every player with their own color portal with many of them in town, creating a rainbow clown show on the screen. This is exactly the opposite of what D4’s dark artistic theme is supposed to be.

It’s a bad idea and it should not be in the game.

The customization of portals in PoE is pretty nice btw. It’s not a bad idea.


If I’m correct, people only see their own portals, right? So I don’t have any issue with people being able to buy different styles for their portals, I won’t, and since I won’t see theirs I have no issue with that.

The more sources of income the game provides to Blizzard the more support the game will get.


imagine having such bad taste that your grandmother trumps you in decorative color scheming. Embarrassing.