Diablo 4 seems like a downgrade from Diablo 3

These are truly the best customers. Buy but don’t use. Im sure he has a few gym memberships fully paid for but he necer goes to as well.

And then wondering how Blizzard made so much money. :thinking:


You just don’t make thebkinds if money Blizzard dors without knowing what they are doing despite maybe their games goingnin different directions that some old heads thi k they should be going. Ive said this for years, but Blizzard has their pulse on the general gaming population. If you feel they are wrong, you are no longer in the target audience even if you loved their games in the past.


Good sets werent great for the game and often became the only way to properly play the game was to grab a full set of something with a ridiculous 10000% power boost to 1 button.


new version of the cube to my understanding is in crafting where you go and complete dungeons to unlock specific legendary powers that you can than put on gear.

if you look at the new paragon system the rare+ nodes and glyphs resemble this extremely close and are probably more developed.

this seems to be a misconception, based on my limited understanding of the information thats out right now, when you get a legendary it rolls 4 affixes and 1 legendary affix, you go into the crafting system and transfer the legendary affix to rare items and they become legendary in the process, but the kicker is rare items roll 5 affixes so 1 more than legendaries AND when you add the legendary through crafting it does not replace one of the 5 instead its just added on. So youll want to get legendaries with the highest legendary affix roll possible and than transfer that affix to a Rare that has a very good 5 affix roll. now this is where i say its a misconception that trade is very restricted because you CAN trade rares which is the largest and arguably most important part of the grind as you will not just get a legendary and equip but rather get a legendary and seek a well stated rare to sacrifice the legendary affix on to. Thus, trading will be an additional huge way for you to acquire rares from other players that are stated well enough to use in this process. again based on my limited understanding.


Well, the less trading the better for me.

For the game itself, it will improve with each season. Blizzard intends to keep several season themes in the game like PoE does.
So the game gets bigger with each season, which is good.
im looking forward too it. Hopefully the queues at the beginning won’t last longer than 3 or 4 weeks.

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They did matter quite a lot in D2.
One of the biggest missing features in D4 imo.

The chance of a Blizzard game releasing with great storytelling is essentially zero these days.

Nearly nothing about endgame has been explained outside of a few activity names.

There was a time when devs needed only to check their own pulse to know what they were doing, rather than inquire from the audience. And they went forward with Diablo, a game that was a lot more mainstream than they anticipated, selling well over the initial projected 100k units. Resulting in giving the audience something they didn’t know they want, rather than fill the same tired wishlist time & again. This notion that casuals and hardcore are at odds where you must choose one or the other, has been holding game development back for some time. Just because a focus group says they like a thing doesn’t mean it’s anywhere close to their favorite thing.

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Yeah, you love being restricted to only one set?
Set items are the worst thing in diablo, because they fill most of the slots.

And who needs followers? You are strong enough alone in this game, and if you want you can play a pet class.

Restricted economy is good because of trading sites and out of game money transactions.

Runewords will be in the game few months after release they stated.

Sorry but everything you want are downgrades

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lol, you gotta be kidding me son. trade is what makes diablo

The first free trade numbnut reports in!

No, killing monsters is what makes a Diablo game. Want to trade? Go play stock market or something.

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Zizaran broke down this D4 nonsense he came to the conclusion that Blizzard is doing their usual Bait and Switch tactic.

He says to keep your expectation on that of D3 RMAH or Diablo Immortal

Blizzard are releasing bad runewords but even worse they just outright discontinued it because it was too much work for them.

Lack of realm-wide trading isn’t a huge deal for me. At least I can still pool resources between my own characters, if no one else’s. In-game economies aren’t so novel now like they were in 2000 after all. If D4 ends up having a “no trade” flag for new characters I’d probably opt-in to that anyway, so that my character’s progress may be provably my own.

The issue there is that PoE is designed with a modular system that allows it to be easily updated so often and with exponential benefit. All interactions between skills, supports, items, and passives are tied together categorically through the implicit mechanical tag system. So if the game gets a new skill it will automatically inherent all support and interaction through its relevant mechanical tags.

Contrast this to D4 which is sticking with explicit systems like skill trees. They add a new skill then they have to add new talents/sub-talent augmentations, new legendary items to empower it with, and maybe even new paragon boards/nodes. All just to get that skill on par with the level of customization other skills have. It’s a lot more work for a narrow addition.

Diablo games are bad at the start and get better over a time, and that was a diablo thing before it became a recent industry wide norm to release a game in alpha / beta state and patch it to release candidate over a year or two after release.

I just wanna see that the foundation for a good diablo game is there, I expect launch to be bad just like 2 and 3 was. People forget D2 was actually reallly bad before LOD / 1.09

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you can call me numbnut as much as you want, I am just saying that there are people out there who enjoy trading a lot and I am one of them.

I will quit playing d4 immediately if I cant trade and establish my own economy. it’s also the only reason I enjoyed poe. if I couldnt trade all the beautiful stuff I find on the road, there would simply be no point for me.

I would say it is the 2nd most important attribute for me with an enjoyable combat being the most important aspect. couldnt care less about story, graphics, cosmetics, ladders and a tons of other stuff many people care about.

Play the game before you whine on it.
I’ve done what you do too. It’s a concern.
But it’s still Diablo.
Play the game on Friday.
If you finish the whole game and still have concern- then it’s a legit one.

You don’t scrutinise a product before they finished and you haven’t even tested it.

The beta will not provide any insight into the main concerns most people have. Its designed to hype you up and generate pre-orders.

No one will get a feel for the game act 1 / level 25 or whatever the beta cap is. Its designed show you the most polished parts of the game so it feels good, they did the same thing with diablo 3, then we all stepped into inferno for the first time…

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And nothing meaningful is lost with you quitting.

lel, go cry me more rivers because I dont like your single player “zero trade” attitude.

What’s the big deal with letting trade enthusiasts kit themselves out in 24 hours or less, as long as its a league apart from “legit solo” players. I think they would sooner congratulate themselves for their gear-acquiring prowess before they fault the game for being too quick for their um, master mercantilism…I mean it takes a fair bit of commitment to acclimate with gear/power-leveling tips & tactics, certainly not something that’ll happen on launch day. Just saying.

Of course “solo” league would favor people with more free time, hardly any more “fair” than favoring people who know how to price gouge etc.