Diablo 4 seems like a downgrade from Diablo 3

Here is what I see missing in Diablo 4:

  • No set items
  • No followers
  • No cube recipes, or anything to really replace it
  • No runewords
  • Very restricted economy/trading

Here’s what seems to replace these key features:

  • Battlepass expenditure/cosmetics
  • Expensive game versions to get a headstart on others
  • “New” systems copied from other games
  • Better graphic textures 10 years after D3
  • Things “coming” or “in the future”
  • A lot of other things we haven’t seen in Alpha or Beta (PvP balance, etc.)

I am concerned. If they made D3 crossplay and server-side I think it would excite me more…



The more restricted, the better. Ideally there’d be none.


that’s a plus, set items forcing you into a very specific build with 10000%dmg multipliers where one of the worst itemization ideas.

makes sense tbh, with the more openworld, semi-MMO-like setting, you’d see twice as many entities running around if everyone had a follower.
and it’s not like followers did much in D3, they where walking passive Buffs, with some QOL added through item-emanation. (which was added in S23, they where pretty useless before that)

haven’t looked that deep into D4, but im pretty sure there will be crafting in one form or another, it’s not like the crafting being a cube is what makes it good or not.

and neither did D3.
and its not like Runewords are that great anyway, they are just uniques with extra steps.

and D3 has basically no trading at all.
but thats a point (item aquisition / drop rates in regards to trade interaction), where you’d have to play the game/endgame to see how it feels

apart from trading which can have a huge impact on how you get your items, those really aren’t “key features” imo


Hence it truly is a downgrade from D3’s zero trading :frowning:


To be fair, D3 on launch is pretty barebone too.


D3 had very little when it launched too.

Most of the game systems we have now didn’t exist in D3 at launch.

Plus, we don’t even know what D4 endgame will look like. Very little has been shared publicly.


That’s quite true actually. If you compare what’s there now and what was at the launch, surprising amount of features have been added over the years. D3 has evolved by fair amount over the years.


Not really a big deal. Sets can come later after people have played around with base skills and random legendary powers.

Not a big deal. Given that 99.99% of the time, followers didn’t really do much of anything. They were just a source of ~5-8% stat boost and eminate effect carriers…

Good. This means less overall power level. No stacking of several different items boosting a specific skill.

This will increase overall freedom for builds and item design.

Good. Trading is terrible for ARPG’s. Makes things be designed around buying stuff of the market instead of killing stuff for loot.

Ehh… If they’re going to add extra monetization to the game… I’d rather it be cosmetics than anything P2W.

If this extra monetization means they are allowed to spend more time on updating the game (Such as adding new items and content with seasons) then great.

Oh no… Some people might play the game a few days before others… Like Betas do…

If the game was being released with a season and leaderboards (And some actual benefit for being on a leaderboard beyond e-peen) then maybe that’d actually mean something.

Why reinvent the wheel when there are proven systems that exist which are similar to the concept you were reinventing anyway?

Which is neat and also helps alleviate some concerns that people have about the game (That being that once you hit max level, get your 200 paragon points and finish your build(s) you kind of don’t have much else to do)

Also, depending on how long these things will be “Coming” for that can be interesting. As it could signify there being some real support in content and updates for a long time. Instead of the barebones patches we see in D3’s season updates…


Uhh…D3 has 0 trading I thought.

I think you are missing:

  • Great storytelling and CGI. (from what we’ve heard)

If you’re unimpressed thus far from the game play, the campaign is the single strongest reason to justify the purchase.

2 hour trading period with party members for items that dropped when grouped.

Which is a fair compromise, people have to play the game for the loot and play together to share it, and that way actually socialize.

That last bit is there to stab at the free trade numbnuts who claim that the lack of free trade hurts the socialization aspect of the game. Which is utter :horse: :poop: obviously.


IKR? Maybe there is a Flea Market simulator out there that they could spend their time on? I’ve never heard of a Garage Sale game, but maybe one is out there for them. Me, I’m gonna be out in the world, slaying demons and bringing peace to the world of Sanctuary, and maybe getting some juicy loot.

That is delayed, they will come.

We don’t know anything about that, it might come later like sets.

There’s crafting, and D3 also did not had a cube untill later, after RoS.

There were no RWs in D3 either, but those will come later, just like sets.

It’s better this way, also D3 has an even more restricted tradeing.

Looks like this is the new norm. but untill it’s truely only cosmetics, it’s fine with me

A head start to lags, crashes, queues, and bug fiesta.

Theres is rarely any new under the sun these days.

That’s bad? I think that’s a win, it’s due time allready.

If they shoot all their shots, what would they sell us in the future, with expacs, and DLCs?
All previous Diablo game’s vanilla versions were bare bones.

Why do people always want to know everything? There would be no excitment of descovery.

You’re absolutely right #boycottD4

Yeah I’m not too hyped as everyone else with this whole burn everything down and start over approach. I get it, and I get why but it seems like they’ve been hurt too much and are too afraid to take bold steps here. It’s not getting me that excited for the present product,

I think they’ve just forced themselves into another RoS situation where it’s not gonna get juicy till the expansion if I’m behind honest.

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You’re right - you absolutely should boycott D4.

Too late, though, you already said you were going to buy it so you could laugh at it. Go ahead, Blizzard will happily take your $70 and not bat an eyelash.

At least this is my sentiment only - does not represent the opinions of the general public.

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We know exactly what endgame will be as it was all explained. What we don’t know is what will be added for seasons.

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It’s like the dolts who claim LFG ruined the socialization in WoW who do nothing to try and socalize outside of their guild.