Diablo 4 - Preload question

Hello if I have the server slam of diablo 4 loaded on my xbox will I still have to redownload everything when I actually purchase the game later today?

Or if that doesn’t make sense, what I’m wondering is if the server slam contains most of the storage/files in D4 or will I have to wait an hour or so anyways after I purchase the game later? Like does having the server slam D4 make the download of the full game go any faster or do you have to download D4 in full when purchased anyway?

You posting in Diablo 3 forum makes no sense.

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It makes a lot of sense. You can only post in the D4 forum if you purchase the game and I haven’t yet.

Diablo 4 is a sequel to Diablo 3 so it makes sense that someone asking about Diablo 4 who doesn’t yet have the privilege to post in D4 forums would ask here.

thanks for trying to help anyways.

Technical Support forums are open to everyone all the time. D4’s TS forum would be the more appropriate place for this kind of question.

Okay well I’m sorry but that’s something that most people don’t know.

Thanks for trying to help anyways

I found this from a DTMACE link in this forum:

Understandable. It does take some familiarity with Bliz forums to know.

Thanks for trying to help but this post is for Xbox not for PC

I know but it’s likely that so much is changed that a completely new download is required.
I don’t know for sure of course.

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