[Diablo 4] Mature or Adults Only rating

Diablo 3 is too cartoony. I’d prefer if Diablo 4 will be rated AO.

We’d have less complaints about pentagrammes being there or succubi not wearing enough clothes.
More blood, more satanic stuff etc.


+1 for naked succubi and pentagrams, similar to D1!


That is a good one. Well you might not get many people posting here. Because you ask to have only Mature or Adults post here.

All I can say is don’t make it another Mindless Contest the game is today. Get rid of the Leader-Board.


How did you get in? :-1: :-1: There Goes the Neighborhood.

Well considering that blizzard has intention to release Diablo 4 on console as well as pc, I don’t see how they will have it rated for Adults. Sorry, but that won’t happen.


More dead bodies displayed on spears and I would be ok with stiletto wearing succubus. I wouldn’t not want to see ghoom naked though. But eventually your teenage son finds your private video collection anyway so why not just make the game hard R rated.


And to add to what Oblivion said, different countries have different cultural/legal sensibilities. Therefore, Blizzard will likely want to have it widely acceptable across multiple countries. As an example, the graphics for Chinese D3 is different than ours.

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A very, very long time I’ve been wondering why in general the Adults Only rating is such a big deal that everyone tries to avoid.

I’ll give a little perspective to my confusion. I live in Finland and here, as in several other countries, games use PEGI ratings to determine minimum age limits. PEGI 18 is the highest rating and requires the person buying a game using that specific rating to be minimum of 18 years old, meaning legaly adult. As such PEGI 18 is effectively an Adults Only rating. Many, many games have PEGI 18 rating and no one is bothered by that.

And no, a person under 18 can not legaly buy PEGI 18 product of any kind even with an adult present. Selling a PEGI 18 product to a minor in any circumstance is a felony equal to that of selling alcohol or tobacco to a minor.

Why is Adults Only rating such a panic inducing thing? Why shouldn’t a game that is clearly targeted to an adult audience have appropriote rating which could even provide more creative freedom?


no no, no naked ghom, that’s beyond adult rating…

probably because blizz can’t sell diablo to gamers between 16 and 18 years.

an adult game means less sales…

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I think it boils down to finances of a company.

Does the company prefer more creative freedom to make it more adult or does the company want their game to be accessible/purchaseable by the under 18 crowd (or for parent who buy games for the minors who would be upset if it was rated only 18+)?


Sadly I believe this is the most logical explanation. And I guess in some parts of the world Adults Only rating is still treated as sort of badge of shame and anything labeled with it can’t be sold openly.


well, there’s some Japanese futanari cartoons which are beyond adult.
Perhaps what you meant is to keep the franchise as it should be, a dark fantasy arpg.

Note: the Fallen family monster are kind of naked at 99%

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Not only is Diablo 3 rated Mature, the content rating has absolutely nothing to do with the aesthetic style of the game.


The thing with AO games here in the states is brick and mortar stores won’t sell them. They don’t want the headaches from parents complaining about it. It is only recently that online storefronts like Steam have started selling AO rated games.

Also here in the states it isn’t illegal to sell a M rated game to a minor, but you will likely lose your job if you do. Most brick and mortar stores have policies in place against it. When I worked at Wal-Mart 15 years ago I had a 12 year old tried to buy a M rated game. I told him I couldn’t sell it too him,but if he wanted his mother or father to pay I could sell it to them. Kid’s mom got all bent out of shape because I refused to sell too a minor.


make D4 XXX rated!
instead of teddies and unicorns, naked horny succubus instead!


An AO rating prevents the game from even being sold to anyone that can’t prove they’re 18 or over. AO rated games must follow the same regulations as adult content such as adult magazines, etc. Basically, for a video game, an AO rating is virtually a death sentence as it fairly severely limits its availability to consumers.

An MA rated game, however, can be sold to anyone. It is advised that a parent makes the choice to give the game to a child, but there are no real restrictions on selling a game with an MA rating. You don’t need ID to purchase it unless the vendor explicitly requests it (and they can if they choose to implement that aspect of the ESRB standard at the point of sale).

Now, there really are some MA rated games that are wholly unsuitable for children, such as Witcher 3, which has everything but the kitchen sink listed in its rating box. Witcher 3 has themes beyond suggestive, given its…descriptive cutscenes, etc. But it also paints women in a fairly poor light, even if its content is appopriate for the era depicted in the game. Children are often exceptionally suggestable and could be made to think this is how we treat girls/women in real life. Sounds stupid until you go out and read the news or see posts from men who royally trash women or demean them (Google “incel posts instagram” if you don’t believe me).

But Diablo getting an MA rating would mostly be for the partial nudity of the succubi and language, if any, or to help cover the online aspect wherein peoples’ chat can be…vulgar. It covers Blizzard on the forum side as well, as inappropriate text can often be visible before its moderated.

In any case, you don’t want an AO rating. Retailers won’t even carry AO rated games in most places since they don’t sell well due to restrictions and stigma.

P.S. - I hate labels like “incel” etc. I just prefer to call them jerks. :slight_smile:


Lets be glad you dont control how the game is rated then

This actually makes a case that the PC version should have a Mature rating (in the U.S.). Other countries should get a culturally sensitive version. And console an E for everyone.

This can also actually drive up sales in the U.S. Parents will by the console version to play with their kiddo’s, but they’ll also by the PC Mature version solely because
of FOMO (if they’re PC owners).

I mean D2 was rated MA and it was the highest selling game of its time… it literally set a record for that year. Along with the expansion. Anyways I agree this game should be MA and when my son turns 5 I’m going to buy him Diablo 4, same as my father did for me when I was 5 with Diablo 2.

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If there is one thing that does not matter in a Diablo game imo, it is the age rating.
If anything, the higher age rating a game has, the more immature it often tends to be.