Diablo 4 Error 300202/300008

I can get through character creation, but when I click ‘Start Game’ it spins for a few seconds then gives me one of the two errors 300202 or 300008.

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I’m getting 300202 over and over again trying to finalize a character. and now 300008

Keep trying, I finally got in after 300202 and 30008 over and over. I think its just a server load issue. Lots of folks trying to load in.

Seems to be the issue because of to many conections. Had the same problem and tried it over and over again. Now it worked.

I have no available character slots even tho I have no characters created cause I can’t log in. Multiple error codes and log errors after trying dozens of times and now I can’t even connect due to first statement.

Found out on my first character creation it made 9 duplicate characters after trying to start the game and I couldn’t log in due to max characters slots. Had to go back to the character select screen and delete all the clones.

Happened to me while playing, kicked me from the server, then I showed no character slots and had to restart the game.
Waiting started at ~71 minutes.
Watched about 20 minutes of cinematics for this.
Did we learn nothing from D3 launch?

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Hello all:

This error seems to be cropping up all over… but this is not the place to report it.
Please use the new Diablo IV forums here:

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did you get in finally?