Diablo 4 - 6 Skill Disaster

I am not sure what is the max slots for the PoE flask but this is what PoE posters from PoE Reddit said about PoE PS4 version:

Ah okay, they changed it then. Never actually played it, but I remember a big fuss about it having less flask slots.

How do you know do you work for Blizzard?

None of you have any idea if this was a design choice or not.

Plus what you said doesn’t make sense you really think a group of professionals would put dodge and interact/pick up on the dpad or click in anologue?

You’re just trying to justify it to fit your world view and clearly it doesn’t hold up.

Nope. You are dead wrong. Even Jay Wilson said back in 2008-2012 that they did it for D3 because of the lmb/rmb and the 1/2/3/4 6 button layout which was the main button usage for D2 is why they went with 6. It has never been due tona console controller restrictions. This has been debunked many times over 10 years.

Your standard controller today can have over 100 inputs with multiple button commands. Stop with this BS.


Yes we do Jay Wilson said so many years ago.

So you’re saying that Jay Wilson said they did 6 buttons for D3 because of the lmb/rmb 1/2/3/4 6 button layout.

So they did do it for console then.

Your evidence literally supports my argument LULW

Man you are dense. Even back in the PS3 era when D3 was made, you had 4 face buttons, 4 dpad buttons, 4 shoulder buttons and two analog click buttons for a minimum of 14 inputs. Also D3 was nit designed for console at all.

But keep on trolling away.


Don’t you just love the new kids on the block? How did we get along without them for so long?

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Riiight, because controller had 14 buttons D3 skill choices had to be limited to 6 due to consoles and the limited inputs available. Makes sense. Not.

It was so obvious design choice, not a hardware limitation. Console versions were likely not even considered until very near the PC release.


If it were not for the “old people” you would not even have Diablo, now get off may grass.

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I dont understand why people want to find excuses for why this isn’t 100% Blizzards fault. It goes for many different topics really. “It is consoles fault”, “It is young players fault”, “It is old players fault”, “It is Chinas fault” and all the stuff we have seen in various topics.
No. It is Blizzards fault. All of it. They are responsible for their own actions. And they have been bad.

Instead of having a bunch of buttons that lets me spam the same skills over and over, I would rather think about what I am doing and make the right choices. Pressing a bunch of buttons without any thought is boring.


Oh man, he is starting to act like those Skyrim NPC

“6 skills? Must be made for the console in mind”.
“6 skills? Must be made for the console in mind”.
“6 skills? Must be made for the console in mind”.


I just love this. When it’s your conjecture loosely base in a distorted perception of what a console can do, your conjecture alone is enough. When I tell you something that not only came from the own dev mouth, but is suported by evidence on the current controller scheme used by the game, I can’t know because I don’t work for blizzard.

Please, point me towards were I said anything about dodge or interact/pick up. I have absolutely no idea what those two functions have anything to do with what I said.

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Actually the only circle jerk going on here are you guys with the, hur 5 skillz meenz consul, dur, argument.


The problem I have with PoE, is most of the complexity are non combat base, like crafting, the silly Atlas mini game, passive skill tree.

over the years they double down on complexity making Atlas, crafting, skill tree more complicated when NO one asked for all these.

All while combat being pretty braindead (spam big S AoE skill, movement skill, repeat) except for a few end game bosses, where you need to deal with some silly mechanics.

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The D3 devs have confirmed that they reduced the number of active skill slots from 7 down to 6 because they felt that with 7 active skill slots you quote “could have everything you want to and did not have to make any difficult choices, but with just 6 skill slots you actually had to make difficult choices”.

Here is the source (with correct timestamp at 3:32 minutes):

There also is D3’s gameplay reveal trailer from 2008 where you can see 7 active skill slots +2 slots for potions and scrolls

… and there is also footage from the PvP Arenas where you can also see 7 active skill slots in the hotbar:


I personally disagree with the decision on reducing the amount of active skill slots from 7 to 6.
Just posting it here to show that the devs did not make this decision due to console-related reasons (they also said that D3 was not made with consoles in mind), at least according to their own words and what we have seen in early gameplay footage.


So having one or two buttons to spam is better?

I don’t and probably never will understand the argument that having fewer spells active corelate to harder choices.

Having more options would make it possible to control the battle more, choose when to use what spell and so on.

In diablo three we have fewer such choices and maybe that is why we have so many items that helps on damage mitigation and damage output which has led to complaints about power creep.

In my opinion it would be good too increase the spells to at least 10.

As mentioned before in the thread what is important is how the spells are designed. From how cool down are handled and so on.

What I and all of us hope for is a game that is fun no matter the final solution and number of spells.

If they did that someone would jump on the forum and want 15, and another person would want 20, when would it stop? Look what became of D3 with the never-ending buffs and power creep.

Exactly. I do not have a dog in this fight they can give people as many skills as they want. I run solo and do not really care about what others are doing.


The moment they up it to ten, people will cry for 15, then 20, then unlimited. It was a design decision for D3 since D2 already had the standard layout of lmb, rmb, 1, 2, 3, 4. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay Wilson was unaware of the function hot keys, like many of us were.

And who knows, maybe you put points I. 15 different skills and swap them out as you want but only allowed to have 6 at once.

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