Diablo 3s main page


when will diablo 3s main page link to these forums? As of now it still links to the old forums? It probably isnt useful to a lot of players but i liked randomly looking at what was “new”


The new forums have been active for less than 12 hours, man. Give it a little time.


Just give it a time.


Probably on purpose so folks who click over see the notice that the forums have moved instead of just coming to the new forum and not finding a post they were looking for.


It will take a few days. It’s partially intentional, though, as Varadia has surmised:

We do want people to have the opportunity to archive any threads they found important or were something they posted and put a lot of effort into. The old forums will remain read only for some time for this reason. :slight_smile:


Even the old Overwatch forums are still available, nearly a year and a half after they converted to the new forum. So yeah, your old posts or any important topics you created there are available, especially those you may want to re-create here if they were things like guides or whatnot.

Game on. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Probably a stupid quesgion. I get it the sites new and things need to transition due time. Nevalistis are the player profile pages going to change (ie: when you click on a username) or are they going to be the same one as it was?


I know I’m not Nev, but I believe the profiles are to stay like they have been. Getting to the profile is a bit different, but its still the same profile, if that helps?

Example, you click on my name (or yours) and you get a choice between viewing my activity and my profile.


Right i get that, right now i only have my phone that i use for this site and viewing profiles i cant see all said information. Just curious if theres gonna be a new format to make it easier yah know?


Hard to say. Reworking that portion may take more effort on the team’s part and I can’t see that changing anytime soon, but who knows? I have been wrong before.



It’s also unlikely that the old pages will disappear or change much if at all really. If you take a look at the World of Warcraft side, the armory and guild rosters are still using the old site code and APIs. The new site can link to them, but the old site is used for the actual data. The same is and will likely be true with our Diablo 3 profiles going forward. Not much return on investment migrating everything to a new platform when only the forum software is what really changed.


Does this mean we can archive / bookmark threads and posts from the old forum so they appear on the bookmark-list we have on this new forum?

If so, how does that work?


Bookmarking only works on the new forum posts. You can bookmark using the “bookmark” icon on a post, which the old forum did not have. There is no way to manually add a bookmark here I’m afraid. To properly archive old posts, you need to go to the old forum, get your posts, and save them to your computer in a text editor of your choice.

Be aware that because the old forum is now read-only, you cannot use the quote/reply function to get a carbon copy of the post with proper formatting intact. You’ll need to redo formatting after copying the text to your text editor. The good news is that it’s the same formatting code over here as the Discourse forum software utilizes BBCode in addition to its native HTML code. The bad news is that you still have to do the work yourself. No free rides this time around I’m afraid.

So if you have posts you want archived, start now. The forum will likely be kept in archival mode for the foreseeable future, but you know how it goes - if you don’t save it, when it’s gone, it’s gone.


Okay, that’s good to know.
Thanks for the clarification.

I have a decent amount of threads and posts bookmarked on my browser, so I better copy them into a word document…



The good news is that if you do this with Word and the document is set up as a Rich Text File, most of the formatting might remain intact. Word may be buggy as all get-out but it’s also got a lot of nifty features. Unless it’s Word 365 in which case it just sucks and ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww subscription model. :slight_smile:


In general I use Word XP and Open Office. That should do the trick.


Open Office rocks for the most part. My dentist loves it. I personally had MS Works for OS X but sadly that was a PPC app and became unusable after the switch to Intel and Apple’s subsequent loss of the Rosetta license. I’ve got Office 2003 on my old Mac Pro which serves as my grandpa’s XP machine (solely for solitaire and emails/light web surfing). Gonna have to bite the bullet soon and get a Win 7 install on there so he can use properly updated Firefoxes and not be vulnerable.


Why do these new forum formats though does not automatically logged you in even after logging through other blizzard sites?


That would most likely be due to the fact that each forum now stores its own credentials token. It remembers it once you’ve done it once, but for the first time on each respective game’s forum, you must log in manually since all of their content and associated data regarding your sessions is separate from one another.


Actually I have been using that for the past 6 years or so. Not as happy with the latest iteration unfortunately, but I use Excel for a few days every week writing estimates.