Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.3 | Has Ended

No one’s going to be able to answer that until it goes live. But you’ll have players who will try Asia who will let you know any major changes from the PTR that weren’t publicly announced.

That is provided Asia is not entirely wonky this season as it was last start… Talk about a disaster.

Well, you could ask the Europeans nicely…

I don’t need to ask as I play every region as soon as it goes live. I was only providing context as last start Asia had to be rolled back a short time in to fix things and those of us who did the Challenge Rift got robbed.

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Unlike last season, there isn’t going to be anything for the leveling process this upcoming season. Even if you miss your challenge cache, sure, it might take 4 hours to hit 70, but you’ll get an idea of the drop rates, how sets feel in live, etc.

PTR 2.7.3 has ended. The team wants to give a big thanks to everyone who jumped in to play and test. Stay tuned for future updates on Season 25 and Season 26!


Blizzard soon.tm bois!


Well D2R first ladder stat 28april. so it has to be SOON, if they dont want them to clash to much.

What does future updates to Season 25 mean? Just the closure of S25 I guess or more?

will nightmares be coming to non-season once season 26 ends or will it be season only?


Good question. I have nothing against them refining Echoing Nightmares over the course of S26 and just recycle an old seasonal theme.

As of right now, it’ll be safe to assume that it’ll be season only. If it does end up coming to non-season, then I’d consider that a pleasant surprise.

i hope it does because i look forward to anything that makes it easier to gain paragon for low or new people. anyone that has been playing a long time and still has friends to play with are generally running 110-130 speeds by now anyway. i just want to know before the season starts. i can either concentrate on using them all before the season ends or if not i can comfortably let them stack up for later.

are we going to have some extra notes before season 26 starts? or it’s going to be like it stands right now?

we will get a final patch notes in a week or two once they finalize everything. after that they will release the patch either a few days or a week before the season goes live depending what they decide.

“PTR has ended” and I extremely doubt you learned a darn thing…

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It was a real disaster.

I got my monk to 70 on Asia when season began and when I went back two days later my hero was wiped with nothing to show for the 3 hours played.

Blizzard wiped everything even though no exploit was used there.

Is the PTR ended for good or there is another PTR soon for S26?

The next time the PTR will be available will be for testing of Season 27 / Patch 2.7.4, i.e. months away.

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