Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.3 | Has Ended

Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.3 | Has Ended

Our two-week PTR testing period for the 2.7.3 update begins on March 10, and we're asking for your help to quell the tides of surging demons.

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Thanks for the update.

So this seasonal theme is pretty much a revamped Realm of Trials (a content that was removed back in 2.3)?

  • Players can speak to Orek to close an active Greater Rift. This option is only available when in a single player game.

Why only in single player?

Nothing for necromancers, with the largest pool of worthless sets?

Monk nerf was inevitable.

Norvald’s nerf not unexpected, but no buffs for hammers or sweep builds?

Interested to see if anyone cares about Raekor’s style of play or if this goes the way of the zombie bears build “buff”.

No explanation for new gem mechanics?


Rip Season 26…
20 chars


The theme does sound like a revamp of the Realm of Trials. I do hope it’s something more than that.

The GR updates are welcome although among the removed maps the Realm of the Banished should’ve been the first one to go. Why was the Sewers of Caldeum removed? Other than occasional density issues I found it decent.

The balance updates are really, really, REALLY lackluster. A change to Raekor set, a couple of other changes, including an expected Mystic Ally nerf, that’s all? Seriously? This is extremely disappointing, I was expecting way more comprehensive changes.


Honestly, after seeing the seasonal theme, I figured we wouldn’t see much balance changes, at least not on the scale as patch 2.6.1. Which is a shame imo.

mkay, so we get to keep easier augs and basically nothing else for a “season” theme that sounds like a new game feature ala the follower system. Hard time seeing anyone still playing past a week or 2 in season 27. Fun.


Wow, this came up fast. Will be curious to see how this season compares to the last two in terms of “feeling more powerful” than non-season.

I look forward to testing out the GR features – I like the QoL there, particularly the enemy progress balancing.

I’m curious for what to expect with the Echoing Nightmare scaling. My guess is the mathematical formula will be something like this:

Whisper of Atonement = (15:00 - Completion Time) / 15:00 * GR Level

Nice to see the update to Barb’s Raekor’s update, no idea if it’s any good, but DieHarder will be happy about this.

Invoker is super interesting with the first enemy hit lifted, clearly you’ll take Slash, the stricken scaling is completely spread out to all enemies. What will this do for overall DPS? Do you just sit there and clobber everything around you? Do we take the Omnislash belt? How fast does it happen? I do look forward to fiddling with it.

The Norvald’s nerf is -3GRs. It balances out LoN and A6I2 Bombardment. It is unfortunate for AoV Fist of the Heavens, it would be nice if they could throw that build a bone by buffing Khassett’s Cord of Righteousness – it would be in excellent shape with 400-500% damage.

Monk’s Bindings of the Lesser Gods nerf seems fine. Nicely done.


I expected a lot more when they said this was a big patch. I really hope there is more, can’t see this holding water for longer than a few weeks.

I expected a lot more legendary item/power changes and set balancing


" Less spaghetti and more chickens."

That analogy is backward but pointed (stick) nonetheless.

Not sure I like the Whisper of Atonement gem. Presumably, it has to drop at least level 50… even if you take 600000000 bravata moments to get it.

Raekor’s is different. Nice to see so many weapon throw modifiers. I’ll probably finally try a LoD boomeranger.

" We’re happy with the gameplay of Inna’s Mantra Monks" - that’s… nice. You weren’t happy with DH GoD, Necro MotB, or WFB. But, ah well, at least you removed the BS that is the fire ally so now all one can use is water.

Not sure how I feel about Crusader. Thorns is just boring.

  • Fire allies over-nerfed as is SOP here, will not be played.
  • Water allies untouched, will continue to dominate everything from T16 to GR100. Innas is now a speed build only.

No power from season theme. Unless the echoing nightmares give significantly more XP per hour than usual GRs, then not much reason to play this season.

GR changes look promising, only good part of this! Will it show when we get oreks dream? Can we also show elites and champions on the minimap while we are at it, for QoL and to decrease the gap between legit players and others?

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To keep trolls at bay. Also a much needed perk for playing solo.


Cru fast clear GR rely on fist of the heavens, now Norvald’s Fervor was nerfed,buff the Khassett’s cord of righteousness plz.


The Greater Rift Updates are nice.

Legacy of Raekor :
With this rework, Raekor keeps the wall-charging gameplay that is the main problem of this build. I am disappointed …

If Blizzard doesn’t know what to do, they could put the following 6p :

  • Hitting enemies with Furious Charge increases the damage of Ancient Spear by 27500% (5500% x 5) for x seconds and causes it to release multiple spears from its target.

There is even a topic on the Barbarians forum to propose a rework of this set. If Blizzard didn’t have an idea, they could have watched.

Actually, it is not. I’d wager it’s about 9 GRs lower. Way above GR140 level still.

Regardless, it was necessary. Fire Allies was ridiculously OP, the gap to other Allies was huge.

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Cru fast clear GR relys on fist of the heavens,now Norvald’s Fervor was nerfed,plz buff the KHASSETT’S CORD OF RIGHTEOUSNESS.

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