Diablo 3 PTR 2.7.2 | Has ended

yeah man, in my dreams I have a crusader with a falange of archers build =(


A few things actually, one such example is something to reduce Archon’s cooldown after the removal of Critical Mass.

My dream is a real summon necro, where you can actually rely on your summons, haveing decent, meaningfull dmg. Back to D2R for that one i guess.


Or M6 this season!:rofl::rofl:

Finally live I guess? Let’s take a peek.

Hey folks PTR is now live and available for download. We’ll be opening up our PTR forum sections as well to grab your feedback and notes on bugs that come in during this test.

See you there!


Maybe…because I don’t play anymore?..
Yes, it is difficult to deduce this as I have purposely hidden my lack of interest in the object of obsession of many here is that “completing a GR 150”…


You should have taken more time and polish the localization a wee bit !



If you’d just buff the Warhelm of Kassar you have a nice LOD petsader build.

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looks like another boring season

Yes season of endless GR’s and no new content.

Suggestion to Firebird nerf :
2p don’t change it
6p down to 3000% from 5000%

Please, try this !


Suggestion for firebirds, Change deathwish power to boost disintegrate by a huge amount. and keep the damage numbers from the set unnerfed OR buff them to make flame blades viable

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Suggestion for DH!

Bombardier’s Rucksack - You may have 2 additional Sentries and their cooldown is reduced by ??%.

Or wait for new content (D4).

disintegrate does literally zero damage with firebird. what’s the point?

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Please read the part where I say Deathwish should be reworked to instead boost disintegrate damage.

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it’ll be a long wait.


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Late to the party but…

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