Diablo 3 no Keystone drop

I’ve been playing Diablo 3 on a PS4 console. I had 15 keystones that I had used trying to farm some more. But none of the Nephilim Rifts I did dropped any keystones. I was playing on tier 8 and up. So I should have got a keystone drop. And I didn’t receive any. Now I have no keystones to do the Nephilim riffs. I need help

Greater Rifts do not drop keys to do more Greater Rifts. Standard Nephalem Rifts do not need keys to run - they generate them for the GRs.

You have to alternate between regular, run-of-the-mill Nephelam Rifts to get keys to do more Greater Rifts. However, GRs also have a level requirement - if you are not character level 70, the keys to open one will not drop from a NR guardian.

But, if you had 15 keys, it means you are level 70. Just go to Orek and run a standard rift (not a Greater Rift). When the guardian is killed, a legendary item beam will pop - one of these will be the key(s).

On console, Keys also show as the last item in the “craft materials” section of your inventory so you can easily look at how many you have.

Ah okay i see. I haven’t played this in a while so i was a little confused. Thank you