Diablo 3 dc's But D4 runs perfect

i have a friend with alienwere -nvidia 4080 . she’s having this issue and needs help to figure how and why this is going on . running system is windows 11 to .
submited ticket to blizzard but no word yet . We need to fiigure this out for Her , Thanks All

Hey there,

Disconnections can be caused by a lot of different issues. I would have your friend make sure they are using a wired ethernet connection, instead of using wi-fi or anything like that.

The Diablo III servers are hosted on Blizzard servers, while Diablo IV servers are hosted on Google Cloud servers. If your friend is only disconnecting when connected to Diablo III servers this could indicate their ISP is experiencing an intermittent issue along the route to the Blizzard servers, while the route to the Google Cloud servers is fine. You could suggest she try an alternate connection if possible, to see if the disconnections stop.

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Customer Support rep, after latest patch, game will not open for me either. We the customers should not have to jump through hoops because of some mistake on Blizzards end. I’ve been a good customer from Beta, and all the issues in between. Now this? UUUUUUUU all fix your mistake.

i Hear you its a shame for some ,there has to be a simple resolution , somehow
in D4 i had to install older nvidia drivers after a patch to fix slow loading of invintory / stash But it worked . My friends problem is crazy if D4 doesn’t dc But D3 does , she has exit bnet on game launch too running 64 bit .

Gave it a few hrs, no reboot, no changes. Now working. Clearly on them or the internet, but other games and D4 were fine, so… All good I guess. After all these years, I guess I get touchy being told the customer has to do something to make the game work, that was working the day before. TY for comment though.

For all you know, the problem may have been the path to the server via the internet having an issue for a bit. Now its fixed and things are fine.

I highly doubt anything was done at Blizzard’s end, as this wasn’t affecting everyone, just a few of you.

But I get it, people want to be salty and kick their feet and yell when things don’t work and they are solidly sure its not them. I get it.

But that doesn’t mean its Blizzard every time either.

Game on.

So , Her isp provider came by , turns out it was a fix that was needed on their end ,
So Diablo 3 is up n running For her liking Again .

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And that is why I maintain that more often than you think, the problem is not at Blizzard’s end.

But I’m a Blizzard sympathizer according to some by saying that. Just hilarious really.

Glad it worked out for your friend.

Game on.