Diablo 3 crashes when I press "Start Game"

I just installed Diablo III on a new Macbook Pro (M1, Big Sur 11.2.2, 8GB RAM).
Battle.net launches fine. Diablo 3 runs the launcher. I am able to adjust my video settings, etc. but it hangs when I press “Start Game”.

Are there any settings I need to do? I see people in the forums saying D3 is playable on the same settings that I have.

Thanks for the help.

Sorry about that. Thanks. And done.

UPDATE: I Finally got it to work after deleting and reinstalling D3 and BNet - twice!
Not sure what went on there, but glad that’s over and I can start playing again.
Plays really well on the MBP M1 8GB but it’s a battery drain for sure. hahaha!