Diablo 3 Challenge Rift 232 NA Rank #1 (02:29.899) @PS5

Diablo 3 Challenge Rift 232 NA Rank #1 (02:29.899) @PS5

Challenge Rift of the week, Rank #1 on PS5

This week you need to take care about taking to much damage, this build is not to strong, so you better watch out to avoid unecessary deaths.
We have a great level 3 map, and lots of elites to help us out, so even if you die it’s still easy to complete it.

See the location of elites on my route and it will help you out.
See you next week!!!

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Gj. Im gonna try it tomorrow and take #1 on xbox for another week. :blush:

ok, last week I could not reach your 2:25, I got only 2:26.5, but it`s fine.

Just chilling till new season. Maybe they announce start date today. Hoping for the 10th.

I got 1:53:200 for my top time.

I did just two more tries and got 2:04, but there is still room for improve for sure.

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A sub 1:50 is probably doable with near perfect conditions. Spawns/crits/globe drops