Diablo 3 Blacksmith

Is there anyway to reset blacksmith in diablo 3?

Reset it to what???

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Yes, start a new character in a new season or change regions.

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It’d be interesting to know what he means by resetting and for what purpose.

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maybe he just want the blacksmith to have no plans recipe or at level 1

Doesn’t really answer to why. What does he hope to accomplish with it?


Only thing I can think of is that he is so poor he wants the gold back to train the demi-god or the gypsy instead.

I don’t understand the question, either. All I see is a level 1 Monk.
What’s to reset? Unless this is actually a Console question.

Looks like OP hasn’t returned to either the game or this forum since posting this. Nor has he spent any time perusing the forums for information. Looks like he joined, posted this thread, then disappeared, and we’ll probably never solve this mystery.