Diablo 2 Resurrected Physical on Consoles

Hello people
Can someone from dev team confirm there will be or not a physical version of D2R for consoles?
Few people mention it but i cant find anything official
As a huge fun of d2 for over 20 years i always dreamed about diablo 2 hd edition for consoles and as a collector i will be devastated if there will be no disc version

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I’d be very surprised it would only be digital…I’d say 99% sure there will be a disc version.

The alpha alone was over 20GB, it makes sense to have it on disc.

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I Hope Rumors about digital only is related to pc but even these people deserves physical and collectors versions

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Ive always enjoyed being able to return a disc and get some money back if it’s truly godawful. Or give it to a friend. I hate the rise in digital only.

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I hope for it too.
Bought actually a second copy of D3 when it came out for Switch so I have an offline version of Diablo III to play.
If there would be a cardridge version of DII I would buy this twice too.

Have they even confirmed a Nintendo Switch release?

Yes. The platforms are listed on the D2R main page and were in the announcements. Windows, Switch, Playstation 5/4, XBOX Series X|S

Still no info about physical versions?
Cant find aby physical pre orders atm

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I haven’t seen or heard anything. Amazon doesn’t have a listing for it. Might be digital only at 1st. Sometimes the physical will be a limited edition for collectors with some games. But we still have a ways to go before we know for sure.

No physical release on any platform yet including PC.