Diablo 2 Resurrected No Lobby?

Just completed the beta with the biggest issue being there is no lobby or way to communicate with others. This is a serious flaw for consoles and NEEDS to be fixed!!


I agree. If these aren’t fixed I will be returning my game no doubt


I agree 100% if there is no way to join baal runs, chaos, tombs, and trust or hell just trading I dunno how long d2r will last!! And I wish there was a way to zoom farther out on console


Totally agree if I don’t hear anything a out this soon I will be refunding the game not paying for a sub par console release compared to PC
players. PC basically have 100% of the game on console without this we really have 1% of the multiplayer experience they have.


They totally messed the console versions up by not implementing lobbies and keyboard support. Hopefully they add them before launch.


They basically have until just after the open beta to announce how they plan to fix the console debacle or I believe the majority of console players are refunding if not already


I remember playing on PC back in the day and booting up and looking at all the games I could join and now that I seen on ps5 that it’s not there was crushing to see! I hope they fix this before launch. If they don’t I think the og players that game on console now will scrap this one. So sad this was the game that laid the foundation of me loving looters


I refunded mine because ill forget otherwise. No regular lobbies = no purchase.


Absolutely agree. The whole reason diablo 3 was an abomination to diablo 2 is it discouraged player interaction. No trading and no game list to meet others. Just hoping you are randomly placed into a game with someone of like desires and goals is as good as you get.

Helping fledgling players was one of the most fun things about diablo 2. See a “rush plz act 2” or “lvl me plz” was so satisfying. I would dispise always being paired up with people my own level as a default. Sometimes yes, but not always.

It’s a core part of the game if not the #1 piece of why it is special and why I hated diablo 3 in the beginning. I eventually started thinking of diablo 3 as a totally new game and stopped comparing to diablo 2 and that helped so I played it. But it was nothing like diablo 2 and the joy I felt when I was younger.


Main 3 reasons to play diablo in 2021.

The best loot system and variety of loot.
Easy ways to trade those items through chat.
Ability to make farmruns for above loot through chat lobbies.

Only first one present and becomes worthless without the other two


Same here. Will return game if I can’t communicate. This is a big deal. The multi-player matchmaking is terrible as well. Later in end game… how am I supposed to trade or join particular people on console with how matchmaking is setup now?


I am surprised that Companys really let people create stuff they never played on their own , they could make so much money with Konsole version but let it fail by some simple stuff and made anstupid Arkade Version with no trade and comunication . I would pay 100euro or more for this game if it would have chat/lobby


and the other problem is that we dont have any BLUE posts to confirm that they are working on this fixes or etc. Im gonna refund this crappy game for now. If Blizzard goal is to focus on PC and give up on PS version well you did well. Many ppl will refund.


I agree 100 percent… consoles need some type of in game voice chat… I hope they hear us out on this…


I was disappointed with the console version. no lobby. for me it takes away 70% of the fun and length of the game. as in D3. I have 14 days to return and I think I will do it if there is no information about adding the lobby to the console version. I will buy it on a pc. opening the inventory should not cover the entire screen as on a PC, because the gameplay continues there.

it is possible that I will buy for consoles. I’m fine with the steering. but I’ll wait until the price is right 50% of the current one. it’s fair for half games .


This is a major issue I’m starting to see… “If this isn’t corrected for console I’m just going to buy it for pc.” Guys it shouldn’t be this way. I have a $550 Xbox and it’s 2021. We should have lobbies and communication. Every single game has it. We are bailing them out.


This sucks. We’ve preordered to experience the same version of the game we loved and we will get game with no endgame. No trading, no easy ballruns etc.


Dont loose hope maybe they care a little ,


If you can’t trade, do baal, chaos, trist runs then this isn’t diablo 2. I’m not sure what we should call this game. I have already requested my refund


the game runs pretty good on console. But without chat/lobby features it will be a complete failure. Your so close blizzard.