Diablo 2 remastered - blizzcon 2021

I agree with you. Software projects get cancelled all the time as well. Heck, even D4 has been cancelled before being resurrected. Anecdotes != evidence.

If they announce it then that’s nice but people should perhaps sticking to holding something other than their breath.

yes IF they announce it, then okay lets discuss it (and ONLY in the D2 forum). But its a pipe-dream still at this point. The D2 fanboys who wont let it die. were getting constant updates on Diablo immortal and Diablo 4 with D:I now in alpha. So those are the games anyone should be talking about, or you know, D3 in the D3 forum.

You want confirmed evidence? The videos both show evidence that suggest the game is being worked on right now.

  1. “We’ll look at the other 2 games when SCR is released.”
  2. Since then W3R has been released. Classic Games is still in business and working on other projects.
  3. Diablo 1 and WoW Classic have been released.
  4. Blizzard was working on D2 as late as Dec 2020 via the removal of a bot program, which is the first time in 3 years.

That’s called evidence. Confirmation of this evidence will be an announcement or legit leak, which will likely never happen.

Now that is a statement which could use some evidence :slight_smile:

Isn’t the Classic team working on Diablo 3? Probably not a whole lot of people, so it would be reasonable to expect they are working on other stuff too.

If a D2 Remaster happened, it is also possible that it would be outsourced to another studio entirely.

I know that Matt Morris (A Classic Games Developer) was working on D3, but to what extent and why, I cannot say. He could have been filling in or in training for when D3 eventually gets move to the Classic Games Division.

This is a rumor and very possible. To remaster or remake D2 I’m under the impression that a large portion of the art assets need to be remade.

The recent advances in AI image upscaling along with manual touchup would ease the task of recreating the assets from scratch.

I’m sure you’ve seen the upscaled cinematics, which aside from some artifacts is impressive.

I’ve played around with one AI upscaling tool with Diablo 2 images and the results were impressive IMO. I upscaled the Sorceress by 4 times at the class selection screen while she’s selected. Obviously AI upscaling can’t create fine details that aren’t there in the first place, which is where the manual touchups comes in.

I have no idea what you just said, but it sounds great!

Yet there were credible rumors and job posting about those various products. Nothing has been noted for a D2 remaster. Also, SC had nothing going on and wasn’t the WCR farmed out? Regardless, Diablo is it only series with multiple projects in development, the other 2 not so much.

I’m sure it will happen, it just ain’t happening until D4 has settled in.

What do you mean by that ?
I’m not saying D2R will come out next year, I wouldn’t even bet on an announcement in february (though I would on a release before D4…) I just don’t see any reason to doubt they are working on it. They announced three remastered games, released two of them… that would be weird not to make the most popular of the three.

Plot twist: The third remaster is actually The Lost Vikings, not Diablo 2.

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Speaking of D2:R rumors and what studio might possibly be working on it, this just popped up in my news feed:


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Damn. That was indeed the studio rumored to be making D2R.

“After collaborating with Vicarious Visions for some time and developing a great relationship, Blizzard realized there was an opportunity for [Vicarious Visions] to provide long-term support,” a representative explained to us. They declined to specify what the team has been working on with Blizzard, or for how long.

Honestly, this pretty much confirms the rumor that they have been working on D2R.
Now, of course, the game might be, or already have been, cancelled along the way. But there is hardly any other way to read it, as I see it.

The possibility of a D2 Remaster being announced at Blizzconline just went up by about 249%. Might still be fairly low chance though :smiley:

It is not a smoking gun by any means… It is definitely a big finger pointing in the direction with the information to date…

I like surprises, but I also like sleuthing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Albany, New York, center of the Diablo universe lol.

They announced the they would work on them not that they were working on them all at once. As for SC having nothing going in. SC2 has been deader than D3 in terms if game development with no hint of SC3 or any other game bei g developed for the IP, so it made sense to get that one out first. WC only really has WoW, so while D4 was being developed, and the problems if making D2 modern still existing, WCR would have been next. I have no reason to believe it is being worked on at all at this point with 2 games already relatively soon to being released.

If D4 is more than 2 years away… then ya everything i said falls apart and maybe they do announce D2R next month at blizzconline. :open_mouth: :sweat:

But without legit evidence in either direction neither of us can be sure if D4 is entering Alpha this year, or still 3+ years away. At least D4 has been announced with constant updates. D2R, at least officially, doesn’t exist yet. So posting links to vague interviews inferring they are “possibly working on next” or “looking at” D2 doesn’t mean its in actual production yet. And yes, could also have been started and then cancelled. And with the existence of the D2 forum, its beyond stupid the D2 fanboys wont stop posting about it here when we get enough spam/necro’d threads as it is.

VSync, potentially updated control options, a controller mode (this one’s wishful thinking, but hey, accessibility rules!). I would also like 60 FPS support, but the reality is that because the animations and spell/ability timings are based on 25 FPS hard caps, it likely won’t happen. The best that’s likely to happen is animations remain at 25 FPS but texture rendering is at your current refresh rate. The only way to truly redo the old timing system is to do [ native refresh rate / 25 ] timeslicing. It’d be similar to what would be required for reworking any of the Tales Of games to work properly with native refresh rates on modern displays.

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To make a game like Diablo 2 back in the mid to late 90’s was a difficult task. To make a game like Diablo 2 today is without a doubt much easier. The limitations of the game engine as it exists now won’t matter, because it’s obvious (to me anyway) that in order to remaster the game, a new (or existing modern) game engine is required.

There are better tools available both hardware and software wise. We have more advanced computing languages. Computers are a nonabajillion times faster.

Then there’s the whole lost assets thing… AI upscaling technology has come a long way. I’m sure that would be used to assist in the recreation of the art.

So, maybe the classic team does not exist anymore. Kinda sad if true :confused: I guess WC3R might have killed them.


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I just read that myself - it does add up with the radio silence from the Classic team on WC3 Reforged recently. Players had been promised a ladder and other improvements around August and since then, nothing.

This does, however, lead me to ask: if the Classic team is no more, and they were responsible for handling updates to D3, then what is going to happen for D3 moving forward?