Diablo 1 OG*************

I’ve been playing Diablo since the release of d1 on pc and that game was amazing the original d2 was amazing you know why every game that comes out now is trash because these companies have to cater to all the fake gamers that only worry about how cool they look on their channel on their live stream none of these games were broken and nobody cared about respect tokens because it was about getting that final set peace to finish the best armor for your play style it was about the perfect gem combo to go with that armor for your play style I’m tired of these companies constantly giving in to these fake gamers that only care about how many viewers they have because they are not the real gamers the real gamers are us the ones that level up every character multiple times replay every event and dungeon to get every piece of legendary gear. The streamers and cheaters are the death of gaming and the reason everything is trapped behind paywalls now

If you ever wonder what “Youtuber posse” vs. real gamers looks like, google “Rusher war on 2b2t”.