D:I Now I'm pissed

I just bought the battlepass and was gonna grind my way to level 40 to get the cosmetic reward. Turns out there is a weekly cap on how much I can grind, and the damn battelepass expires next week, so I will not be able to get it even though I payed money and are willing to grind.

That is just screwed. Blizzard, wake up, for christ sake.


NOW?? Game’s been out for almost a month…where have you been?


you mean they lied to you?


I was late to the party, and was gonna play f2p, but I got hooked after getting a 3/5 star gem on my first 2 dollars when I fell for the 99 cent offers.


No warning whatsoever that you’ll not be able to obtain the rewards before the Battlepass season ends? Blizzard’s failures know no limits. The most exploitative, P2W game in existence just keeps sinking to new lows.


Yupp, you get hooked, then addicted, then you’re f****. Quit now before predatory p2w gets you.


And there lies the sneaky part of the game. Once they get that first couple of dollars, it goes downhill in a hurry, or as deep as your wallet goes, whichever comes first. lol


Try to ask for a refund then.


Truth is, I haven’t touched the game for about 2 weeks now. I think I solo leveled to 31 or something. Haven’t spent a dime either. Just too much about the game screams bad to me. I have been burned by predatory games before. Anyone remember Game of War?


I still have PTSD from that payhole of a nightmare. Learned my lesson though.

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It did say that season would end in a week, but not that it would be impossible for me to get all the rewards. It feels unfair. Now I ended up expanding my battlepass with 10 dollars to get 10 rank boost, that way I will get everything, because I was at 33/40.

But heck, this feels bad, a bad deal with a dishonest dealer. I’m gonna stop now for sure. My first 2 dollars were too lucky, the gem I got changed the gameplay so much that I figured I had to see more of the mechanics.

The battle pass has a 30 day time frame, but if you want to use those, you need to get them when they start, not with 10 days left. Better value, but still predatory and misleading.

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I put money into Dragon Age after I beat the game and wanted to play again with the Golem. To me it was absolutely worth it. However, if I ever play that game again, I will not put in a single penny beyond the price of the game. Yes, I have to pay for the game again. I was stupid and gave the game to a friend after I played it to death. Same with the really awesome expansion. Loved that game.

Diablo 3 in the beginning? Yes. My max was 15 dollars a month. I stopped playing WoW and turned my monthly WoW payment into a Diablo 3 payment. I would only buy gold tho and use the gold AH. I think I did that for a total of 3 months, then stopped.

Diablo: Immortal? I don’t care what the sale is or what it’s for, not sinking anything into this game. Not one red cent. Nope. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Ain’t! Gonna! Happen!

Even though D:I reeks of bad taste, it’s built on a game I have a special interest for, D3 and Demon Hunter. So I’m having fun trying out everything I can for DH. Not sure how much more I can do it though, it’s too pushy for a person like me, my name isn’t “junky” for nothing. I am easily addicted.

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Stop now man. Don’t keep feeding the addiction. That’s what these P2W games prey on.

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D3 s27… please… now… tic… toc…


Sorry to hear that OP, but in the future try to keep up in date with these kind of things. It’s one thing if you don’t mind spending the money, but if you do mind and/or feel that you’re not getting your money’s worth, then yeah try to avoid spending any more than necessary.

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I told myself that yesterday, then this morning I wake up and buy battlepass so I can get 2 more crests, justified in my brain by the cosmetic and other stuff, ofc.

But yeah, I gonna be hard on myself now.

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I only made it to level 10 with my Barbarian. I will keep hacking at the game slowly but surely, I am in no hurry and don’t expect to have any form of a GG character. Over time I will see what the game has to offer. Hopefully by the time I reach max level, the game will have ‘improved’ a bit.

Wait, you can even pay to boost the Battlepass? That’s gotta be purposeful. Leave the Battlepass up for sale even when it’s not possible to grind out all the rewards due to caps and time restraints, and then sell a “boost” so you can actually obtain your rewards.

Blizzard really is a scumbag company now.


All the worst tricks in the book that no one dares to use because it’s just too low and embarrassing. I can’t believe it.

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