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Hey everyone,

not sure if it will ever reach the correct people, but I wanted to share my thoughts about DI, why I quit and what could’ve been done better. I will not talk about the monetarization, because I guess I would only repeat a common consens.

I actually love Diablo and played all the Games, of course I had to give a shot on DI to not miss the Lore. Not much I would’ve missed actually, but I am happy I played through the campaign. That’s where my critic starts.

The game is actually not to bad in the beginning. It feels polished and sets new standards for a mobile game. Gameplaywise. The devs did a really great job and the game had a lot of potential. If they only also would’ve tried to shaken the mobile game industry monetarization crazyness. If not Blizzard, who can ever shake this kind of buisiness model? :frowning: Missed a great chance here. There are enough examples on how f2p games can be monetized and earn enough money, tho. Nevermind, that’s not the point here.

What annoyed me the most, beside the p2w aspect was, that it just wasn’t enough Diablo like. Making it more MMOish is an idea and you could argue about it, but it should not remove the core idea of Diablo, that you can play it alone or together with friends and other people. Of course it’s more rewarding playing in a group, that’s how it always was, but doing some extra grind on a solo mission and you could still get everything you want. So why you force people to play in a group in DI? Why I can’t find gems solo? Why I must group up from Hell 1 for dungeons? That’s annoying. Gating content away from me as someone who mostly be able to play late night while I watch some series or hear some podcasts… I want to play with my own speed, not having to care about other players, rushing away, annoyed by me being to slow.
I guess Immortal is what it is, but please don’t do the same thing for D4. Pretty please allow solo players to get the same loot as everyone else, no matter if grouped up or not. Find a good balance, but don’t gate any items behind group requirements, I plea you devs.

Another thing are the legendary gems. Of course those are ment to earn you money, but couldn’t you have just let Yellow Runes drop no matter if there is a crest or not? A Baseline you could push by putting a crest and boost by putting a legendary crest that guarantees you a drop? Why you can’t obtain mats or gems randomly by playing the game? Or couldn’t you have just handed out a legendary crest per week and 10 normal crests per day? Anything that would at lest give you the chance to progress the gems? I am open to grind for hours a day, for weeks and months to come, but I loose interest if I do so and don’t really make any real progress. Paragon just doesn’t feel enough.

And on top of that, why do you put mechanics, like awaken gems/items, which is fully impossible to obtain as a free to play player, behind a pay gate? Was there really no other way to convince people to pay money?

To be honest, I would’ve bought that Collector Season Pass, probably some cosmetics and stash/chars etc. regularly if only the game would’ve given me the feeling, that I want to play it for months and years to come. But all mechanics, the pay gate, the force to play in groups and do pvp, even if you don’t like it, ruined it for me.

Diablo Immortal had potential, but there are to many blockers, downers and fun killers in the game, that I stopped playing after only 2 weeks. And I am not even feel like I miss anything. A yellow crest a day. But what I especially don’t miss at all is clan, asking me to go into PvP to win the battle, a battle I don’t care about. DI is too much MMOish, but not MMOish enough at the same time, so it kinda combines the worst of both worlds, forcing social interactivity, while not providing really a great goal to achieve as a group… (Beside PvP, which is not interesting for everyone)
So please, stick to Action RPG. Do city hubs if you want. Do World Bosses. That’s fine. But please, please, please, don’t gate content behind specific requirements, like grouping up or having to do PvP. Make extra gear for PvP, so every PvE player don’t need to care about it and let everything you need drop no matter if grouped up or not.

If there is any chance, you will change a few of those things in DI, I will happily return and if it’s fun, I will spend some money for sure, but as long as nothing changes of the mentioned issues, I will never look back.

Thanks and have a good day.
(Don’t mind any mistakes, I am not a native speaker, but I wanted to put it in the US Forums because other regions don’t get much attention)

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They didn’t missed a chance. Diablo isn’t a mobile game and never will be.


Blizzard expects you to use Reddit…


Thank you!

Silly me, expecting blizzard looking for feedback in their own forums :joy:


Well… to be fair… this forum is for discussing Diablo III, not Diablo Immortal.


What a joke that is :woman_facepalming:

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