DI: just uninstalled, casual

Got 3 60s in DI and had a lot of fun until I hit the paywall at H2.

Honestly, P2W just isn’t fun, not sure why you couldn’t have done this with micro transactions for cosmetics, inventory bag space, other QoL, other than your greed was more important than the quality of game and game experience.

Also can’t play a lot of content as a solo, which sucks to be locked into group play. I’m a huge SSF fan.

I totally would have bought wings, cool looking weapon skins, etc. Or season passes, that sort of thing. Or just charge money for the game itself once and per expansion.

Not that you care, but this is why I uninstalled. I’m sure flamers will flame, but this is just one casual quitting this game and why.

Sad too because the game looks gorgeous, and the mechanics is really fun. It feels like the execs ruined a good game that the devs made. Its no wonder they didn’t create a game forum for DI.


Agree 100%.

Same thing here. Id have paid a lot for cosmetics, expansions and $60 for the game. But I will never pay to win. I also uninstalled. Shame really.


It is just a money making scam for the most part. They should have made it for the PC on consoles only, made it free to play with cosmetics and a battle pass.


I do not recommend that you play DI much past the main story line. There is a lot of forced co-op activities. You’ll probably won’t like it.

Beat Skarn, then wait until next month-season. (I’m hoping for new content).

If new content doesn’t drop, uninstall.

Play for the lore. Play because you are bored. Play for fun. Just, don’t force yourself to play because it’s Diablo themed [mobile] game. (And don’t play to compete. DI will drain your bank account if you do)


This is something that I agree with. But there are others that say since this practice is normal. Even though games like Genshin Impact so that a pay to win model when it is married with a way that players can eventually earn what they want will make billions for their developer. Right not Impact is kicking Immortal’s rear end. It is ten times better than Immortal as far as monetization system. Even though in the first month Immortal has made in the tens of millions of dollars. Genshin Impact has probably made in the hundreds of millions of dollars in one month.

Blizz is missing out on some serious profits here by not copying Impact’s monetization model.

With Impact’s monetization and Immortal’s core game Immortal could make billions for Blizz due to it being a Diablo title. If Blizz done Immortal like that from day one then I would say that the amount of money they made in their first month would be around 80 to 100 million dollars. But they got the low ball figure instead.

If they done the above even I might’ve spent money for the battle pass.

But the problem is that if they change it now. It won’t have the same affect as it would if it were designed that way from day one.

You cant really “earn” what you want in Genshin Impact, since it applies a FOMO designs strategy. The P2W elements in the game have a short timeframe where they are accessible. Like weeks.
So while you can indeed slowly get the currency needed to buy them, the desired P2W elements wont be available anymore at that point.

Is it better than D:Is monetization? Probably yes.
But still really, really bad.

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While there are no doubt some FOMO that are limited time purchases in the shop. Not all of them would fit that bill. Because there has to be some things in there that are always available. It wouldn’t make any sense at all to have everything in the shop be a limited time item. If you know how to use the gems to get what you want then you can earn what you want.

If I was a new player in that game and knew that I wanted a particular item or whatever. Even something that is FOMO. I wouldn’t worry about the current FOMO unless I can quickly earn the gems for it. If I cannot then I would learn the amount of gems needed for all FOMO items. Then save up the gems so the next time around I would be able to use them on what I would want.

Star Trek Online is a game that I can earn whatever I want to earn. Want to earn a new T6 ship (highest tier of ship) from a current event. Then just play the event long enough and the ship is yours. Want tokens for 100% off of T6 ships in the cash shop. Then participate in the campaign event to earn them.

yeah and they had a very rocky start the gaming company that developed them actually went bankrupt leaving 1000s of physical copies unsold since they spent too budget money on development and not enough marketing they were brought back from the brink when another gaming company purchased the IP rights and proceeded to market it otherwise STO wouldve probably ended up buried in the same landfill as all the Atari 2600 copies of ET

The main P2W attraction in Genshin Impact are the playable characters. They are time limited.
Let me “guess”. You have never tried Genshin Impact?

You cant make enough free currency to buy and max all of them within their time limit. And if you spend all your saved currency on this weeks FOMO character, then you have none to spend on the one that shows up in two weeks.

Spoiler alert: Genshin Impact is not Star Trek Online :crazy_face:

yeah because in Genshin the background characters have a tendency to die even if they arent wearing a red shirt


Are you saying that the playable characters are the FOMO? Yes I haven’t tried the game because the anime style is not me.

So then it would be impossible to work up a good bank of currency. To use on just a few characters that I wanted. Who cares if I get them all, I surely wouldn’t. What are the characters so well done that they fit everyone and they just want them all. I highly doubt that. I do believe that there are some characters you would never want because they don’t fit your play style. The same with me, I don’t have to compete with others. I don’t have to show off the collection of characters if I played that game and say see I have them all like some do. Which is just like the T6 star ships in Star Trek Online.

There are some things that I know I will never be able to earn. And some of them I just don’t want. Like Lobi ships and Lobi gear. I only earn the event T6 ships and the tokens for the T6 ships in the Zen store. That is because they are account wide unlock, instead of character only like the rest of the T6 ships. So I focus only on the ones that are account wide. Meaning that when I unlock a T6 ship I any character on my account can use it. Even non cross faction ships because I have unlocked that by having a Klingon Recruit at level 65 (max level).

I would do the same with Genshin Impact.


Totally fine. But also another of your endless cases of talking about stuff you clearly have no idea about.

The players affected by the FOMO cares. That is what makes it FOMO.

Everyone else need to save up for about 9 months (cant miss a day!) to have a chance to max a single 5 star character. If you wanted to max two characters within less than 18 months of daily play? Tough luck.

One thing I will agree on however, Genshin Impact is still somehow less P2W crazy than D:I is.

Still a free to play player can start playing the game full well knowing they won’t get them all nor will they need to. All you need to do is know how to make and wisely use the primogems (store currency IIRC) wisely. Learning how much each type of playable character costs. Then saving up for the right ones when they are available. Then when you have enough gems and they are available then just buy them.

What I don’t know I can learn from others. But add to it my knowledge of how to use in game resources wisely is another skill that I have in games.

Would you need to have them maxed. Or would it be better to have a strong stable of characters that are not maxed. What way is more optimal, having only one character maxed out or having a lot of characters that are well developed?

You dont need anything in games, technically speaking, but you are comparing with D:I 5 star gems and awakened gear. You dont “need” that either. Unless you want to get the strongest character that you can (and be competitive), which many people unsurprisingly do want. Same for both games.

Yet you use a different logic for D:I?

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I was talking about from an optimal standpoint. A new player would probably be better off having a stable of decent characters instead of one or two maxed out characters. That is why I said optimal for a new player.

So you say that in order to be competitive you must have them all and fully maxed. That I find hard to believe, that you would have to have a Pokemon attitude toward Genshin Impact. That would be horrible game balance if that was indeed needed.

Wrong I am using the same logic. I know that as a free to play player the best that I can do right now is 1 and 2 star gems. Getting them ranked up as high as I can do. I know that I am not gonna have six 5/5 star legendary gems, nor do I want them. I just want a mix of 1, 2 and maybe 5 star gems. Which would be following the build guide the game gives you.

Now if I did somehow get a five star gem and get it ranked up either through the market or through changes to the game.

Actually the opposite. A new player is far better off focusing on a single DPS character to carry them. A big “newbie” mistake in Genshin Impact is people lvling too many characters early on, instead of focusing.
Only in some endgame activities are you asked to have a bit more diversity (although focusing on 2-3 characters there, with the rest on support, is still best).

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Peoples expectations of this game are so over inflated, its a mobile game. :joy:

And yeah P2W is appauling in games, completely ruins the spirit of progression, competition and reward.


I installed and uninstalled, all in less than a half hour.

I still have D:I installed with my lonely level 10 Barbarian waiting patiently to be abused. Then again, the same thing can be said about my level 7 Runemaster in Titan Quest, also waiting patiently to be kicked around by various monsters.

Both different games, of course, but I will eventually get to them in time. Right now, I am having fun with D3. No need to uninstall. It’s not like I need the space on my computer.

I also have Grimm Dawn and D2:R still installed for later uses. Both have a slew of characters with low and high levels. I like having options available for me for when I get bit by the gamer’s adhd bug or when I am temporarily bored with whatever I am playing.

I see a lot of knee jerk reactions and qq in these forums. For the life of me, I will never understand any of it. It’s just a game. You’re supposed to have fun playing it.

I’m very disappointed about the amount of new content that was dropped for Season 2.

A single 3 day event is not sufficient for a mobile game.

Is DI already in Maintenance Mode?

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