DH sanctified strafe ability and "Devices" abilities

DH sanctified strafe ability is per description supposed to work with every non-channeled hatred spending ability. Yet it doesn’t work with any ability from the “Devices” category although many fit the requirement “non-channeled hatred spender” (like Spike Trap).

If the sanctified strafe ability is not supposed to work with them it should be said so in the description.

It does not work with spenders that have a limitation, be it cooldown or charges.

I tried using FoK with the no-cooldown rune but it’s the base ability that determines the availability as an angelic power skill.

I have reported that one before the last patch too.

That much is obvious. But then it should be said so in the description of the angelic power.

Although the angelic strafe power wouldn’t make much sense for sentries, Spike Trap and the one FoK could actually make for interesting new builds. It shouldn’t be too different from Multishot or Cluster Arrow builds damage viewpoint with all their equipment buffs. And its ptr, so why not make it testable hear?!

I don’t know, spike traps have a limitation in deployed numbers, with the speed of Strafe you’d be throwing out traps that disappear before doing anything because new ones are being thrown out…

FoK was the only realistic option.

I don’t think that would be much of a problem. All hatred spenders thrown out by the angelic strafe power are auto-target. Meaning the traps would appear right under the enemies and strafe would trigger them immediately.

I misremembered how ST worked and I thought it had just a maximum deployment, instead they work like turrets and also have charges, so you’d be throwing out 1 trap every few seconds.

Traps are very bad mechanically speaking because they are too slow (deploy AND activate).
Using them with strafe the way you envision might make them usable again, but it would require to change the underlying mechanic.