DH question on my bow

found a windforce with what i think are good affixes , can anyone tell me if its right? im an OG and dont really get the in’s and outs of it, i just know how to kill shuff

On seasons DH



No, you didn’t provide what the affixes are and if you can’t be donkeyed into providing the barest minimum, I don’t see why I should mule my way for you.

my bad, its 490% damage to hungering arrow and pierce to 4x’s…

Nope. Ninth Cirri Satchel has a maximum modifier of 600%. 490 is really low.

The bow has 490% HA damage (this affix is from Quiver)… and you are equipped with Quiver with 595% to HA damage… Please take note your DPS will use power stated on bow… so you are actually lowering your DPS. Please use different bow. Even though it has useless power and passive.

What Saben said but also…

Legendary Affixes on Ethereal weapons don’t stack with other legendaries with the same affix.

As Saben said, equipping an ethereal with lower damage modifier of another item you have equipped the the same modifier gets you the lower damage modifier. It goes off the weapon if it’s ethereal.

Yes, that is a low rent bow. You are wearing a decent quiver, so a new bow will be a major upgrade.

Also, Diamond in the helm will be a plus.

thanks folks, bummer they dont stack up…i didnt know that