DH, Necromancer, Season Theme Feedback

First the season theme. Frankly, it does ‘t work. Clears are entirely related to ability to group mobs and allow the season theme elemental damage to kill everything. Clear times/levels are unrelated to building my character, as long as it can survive to group mobs and I fish for the right map.

Demon Hunter, the GoD set is nice. The Strafe build is fine for grouping to take advantage for the season theme, however, if you play DH the way it was intended, the set is weak still. Speeds around the low 90s is unsatisfactory, the only way to climb paragon as a solo player is to do speeds. But these are 25 GRs lower than groups do. The new set is no faster in speeds than a UE multi shot build. Worse, on many maps you will be hatred starved and move slower than a multi shot build using vault(tumble) with preparation.

Necromancer looks good for entering the meta as a trash killer. Just another few levels of buff and we are good.