DH Leaderboards

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed that some dh players have managed to clear GR 150 in ~2 mins or so. Is there a bug/exploit being done, or is that build they are using just really really good?

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It was a bug/exploit that i think has been fixed already. It would be nice if blizz could removed the glitch exploiters from the leaderboard as well, but one can only hope.


It has not been fixed people are still doing it and I refuse to climb leaderboards until they fix it. Why would you want to struggle for hours or days to get a 150 clear in just to have it erased when they fix the bug and wipe/ban the exploiters (hoping they do).

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Do they typically wipe the exploiters off the leader board? I want to push but hate the fact that the leader board is a mess right now…

Now I’m a bit scared that I have found instakill bug.

Combine Cord of the Shame on scoundrel + his natural ability to draw circles on ground with Vengeance (Dark Heart) + Smoke Screen (Special Recipe). I have noticed that when those line up elites die instantly.

Came here to say this. Blizzard please wipe the DH GOD boards to get rid of the exploit runs!


Nothing has been done to fix the exploit or cleanse the leader boards HC and SC.