DH in PTR - Ethereal weapons

The Ethereal weapons are amazing, although a bit challenging to find ones that match specific affixes with set builds to replace existing ones. Much easier in PTR than it will be in the actual season I would imagine. I hope the drop rate is increased in season to compensate for the odds finding a useful one.
The Ethereal weapon that is sorely needed however is a melee Ethereal for the Shadow’s set. There are a variety of Ethereal weapons that have the Impale affixes, but they are pointless in that build since they are bows or crossbows and not a melee weapon.
Another option would be to slightly change The Shadow’s build so that it doesn’t require a melee weapon but can use any DH weapon. This would actually add more versatility to the set in regards to weapon options as well.
Either way it would be great to have the Shadows set still be viable with these new Ethereal additions.

They would have to revamp the shadow set a little bit if they did that. Change the 6000% damage to the 6p instead and figure out something to put as the 2p. The reason being if it stays this way, using a bow, you could do 2p shadows and 6p nats. It would beat a grift 150 the second you get the set.