DH GoD6 S24 Rank 1 NA Solo GR 135 Clear w/vid!

See title.


Nice one, I did not expect anything else. :bow_and_arrow:

135 is my first goal for this season. Currently I’m at 129 with ~1300 Paragon and only a few augments. Probably could do it better, if I would learn to use Pylons properly, especially on open maps. :joy:


I’m pretty novice with pylons myself. One thing I always do when pushing is skip speed pylons. With the Eth Buriza you’re at the 9 frames break point, adding attack speed (as far as I can tell) lowers your damage. The knock back will also mess with Buriza’s freeze meaning way less easy crits, another damage loss.

As an aside, 135 should be doable. I’ve got just under 1500 paragon and cleared a 137 good for top 40 on the leaderboard as of this posting.

Another tidbit, using the low crit chance build makes gearing a bit easier and allows you to look for affixes that might might help your FB shield which also improves your damage. To note though, gearing your follower to help with cc’s greatly reduces your damage so no Cord of Sherma or regular Buriza for your scoundrel. His slows aren’t as effective without the pierces though so for this reason, I switched to enchantress.


Thank your for your support and advice. I removed Sherma from my Enchentress as you suggested, and it seems to be stronger. And I had a closer look to my damage after activating a speed pylon, and tend to skip them now as well. :slight_smile:

Also, I started to use “Vengeance - From the Shadows” for speed GR (i.e. 120 in 3-4 minutes). It seems to result in more freezes and therefore more crits. Probably not much stronger (if at all), but it is a valid option this season, imho.

However, GR 135 was only a matter of time (and mainstat). I cleared 135 and 136 yesterday (with less than one second spare). Now I’m back to farming for a while. For example, I really need a better quiver. 600% from a primal is nice, but bonus damage to Companion is not … :bow_and_arrow:


You can achieve the same effect of having From the Shadows Vengeance by wearing Frostburns. This way, you can keep some toughness with Vengeance Darkheart. You freeze more targets meaning more crits. Can make up for not having CoE cubed. It’s about the same time wise. About 4 min 120’s.

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Interesting build to use as a gem leveler if you like rapid freezes. GoD Freezing Bolas does 110 in about 3 1/2 minutes. Slower than Hungering Arrow by about a minute but it’s fun to use, so I’ve been using to level my gems to 100 before switching back to Hungering Arrow to take the gems higher.

I don’t know want to call it a “speed build” on account of it being slower, but the slowness could be attributed that my build isn’t optimized. Had to switch to some non ancient gear, so it’s missing augments. And my quiver is on the low side at only 154% modifier.

I’ll get better equipment and report back.

I just wanted to say it’s fun as hell to pull mobs together and watch them explode.

Well, I got 110 down to between 2:30 and 3:00.

Also, it’s capable of 120++. I ran a 120 in just under 8:00. It was the Corvus map and finished on that map. So we’re lookin’ at about 125 to 130 possibly a little higher with fishing. Won’t be topping the leaderboards but makes a fun gem leveler that can go reasonably high.

I should note that my paragon is about 1850 and some of my augments are 650 because they came from my Hungering Arrow build for the leaderboard. But in balance my belt and quiver weren’t Ancient so no augments on either of them. Rolled off mainstat on my quiver because it came with 171% modifier, Bola 15%, 7% Cooldown, 9% Crit chance. So rolled off mainstat for 20% Area Damage.

I also used Aughild’s.

I just did 118 under 7 min, prob can do 120-122 and am below 1k… My issue is time… soloing to get p’s is pain in the butt. I don’t have time to run 4p, so it kinda sucksss

Javazon, put Broken Crown on follower. It looks like you need upgraded gems. After runnings Sage’s set for a while you usually have more than enough DBs and then it’s better to focus on the Cain’s set for keys and attack speed.

Since I couldn’t put it in my thread because I’m the last to post in it…

Did a 135 with Frostburn/RoRG over CoE. 14:09.

First Map: Blazing Guardians, Halls of Agony, Power Pylon about half through helped kill 3 elite packs.

Second Map: Grotesques and Fallen Shaman, No Pylon, Skipped half the map.

Third Map: Can’t remember the mobs even though I just finished it, Shielding and Speed (skipped) Pylons. Ember Rift Guardian.

Skills: Vengeance, FoK, Wolf, Hungering Arrow, Strafe, and Polar Station Sentry (for more freezes).

140 is definitely possible with some fishing since it clears a 135 in that mess of a GR.