DH Gears of Dreadland Set

I have found a bug in the 4th chapter set dungeon. I have the 6 piece set but when I go to get the hint for the dungeon it keeps saying I am not dressed approperate.

GoD doesn’t have a set dungeon, that’s why.


Why do I have to complete a set dungeon to complete chapter 4 with GoD. How do I get around this.

You don’t. GoD has no set dungeon. You need to collect another set and master its set dungeon.

Also, ch. 4 does not require you to do a set dungeon.


My bad, chapter 5 not chapter 4.

You are wearing one of the non Haedrigs gift sets correct? Cuz not one of the new sets, aka all sets given from haedrigs this season, have a a set dungeon, you will need to get the page with a qualified set.

I thought that I was getting the right set. It came as it has always come to me. I don’t understand why it would do this.

The right set for what? For set dungeons?

Each class has 5 class-specific sets: 4 “original” sets that have an associated set dungeon (which would be Marauder, Shadow, Unholy Essence, and Natalya), and a “new” set that does not have a set dungeon. That would be the GoD set. In order to complete a set dungeon, you would first have to get one of the original sets first.

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