DH Ferret Companion bug


The Demon Hunter action bar skill passive “Companion - Ferret Companion”, is supposed to give 10% increased movement speed but it doesn’t work past the 25.00% cap like every other action bar passive skill in the game.


Not a bug. It works as described, but is still subject to the movement speed cap.


the movement cap speed is only from items and paragon. passive skills should still increase movement speed. for instance, on my monk the mantra passive that increases speed by 10% works past 25%


Movement speed cap is dependent on whatever Blizzard says it is. Some skills and items can exceed the cap, others can’t. Ferrets fall under the “can’t” category. Doesn’t mean it’s a bug.


If you look at the description of your movement speed it says “you may have a maximum of 25.00% movement speed from item and paragon points”. The ferret passive isn’t either. Furthermore, if the movement speed passive doesn’t work past 25.00% then it would be a virtually useless effect. It’s not consistent with other abilities and the power/utility design makes no sense if it doesn’t work past 25.00%. Out of curiosity, are there other skill passives that don’t allow you to exceed the 25.00% cap? If there are then I’ll concede that it’s intended (though I still think it is inconsistent design).


Look, do us all a favor.

  1. Remove ALL your gear.
  2. Open your Paragon Menu.
  3. On the “Core” tab, click “Reset” and “Close”.
  4. Make sure you have the Companion Skill selected with the Ferret Rune.
  5. Open your Inventory and click the “Details” button.
  6. Scroll down and check your Movement Speed. It should say 10%.

This will confirm that the Ferret Companion is working as intended and is not a bug.

Equip all your gear and check your Movement Speed again. If it is less the 25%, you will know how many Paragon Points to assign to reach the 25% Movement Speed cap and you can put the extra Points somewhere else.

And then you can stop arguing in this Bug Report Forum with players who are only trying to help you.

If you would like to like to pursue this subject further and submit it as a suggestion, please start a new thread in the General Discussion Forum.

Thank you. :peace_symbol:


You completely missed the point. I know it works if your speed is less than 25%. What I want to know is if it intended to be that way…but thanks for confirming to me that most D3 players are jerks.


The ferret buff is tied with the 25% cap. This is intended and has worked this way always.

Mainly any “passive” speed boost is limited to 25% cap. Only “Active” boosts go above the 25% cap.


every other passive speed boost i checked (don’t know necro or sader) exceeds the 25% cap. for instance, the monk mantra of salvation is a passive that increases speed by 10% and it exceeds the cap.


Please read:


@Perusoe, you really aren’t getting it…

On what basis do you say it works as intended? Blizzard’s own description of movement speed would indicate that the Ferret passive is NOT working as indicated and intended. Every single other passive skill in the game exceeds the movement speed cap.


Please quit bumping this thread!

This is not a discussion forum and it is not a help forum. I’ve already told you what you need to do.

You’re the one who’s not getting it!


i’ve read your previous posts and i see that you’re douchey to everyone. I haven’t bumped anything. I have never posted twice in a row and have only posted to respond to people. You aren’t the sharpest cookie are you?


Because this is a bug review forum, and what you posted isn’t a bug.

Do you really think you are the first to notice this? The ferret movement speed has always been limited by the movement cap, right from the beginning. Many, many people (including myself) have requested the ferret movement speed to exceed the cap, but for whatever reason, Blizzard is content with how the ferrets work. They may change it in the future, and I hope they do, but right now it is what it is.

Yes, it doesn’t make sense, and yes, the ferrets are useless, especially when they made cosmetic pets able to pickup gold, but that is how they work.


“Because this is a bug review forum and what you posted isn’t a bug”

-Has blizzard actually responded and said this is what is intended? Gauging by the in-game description and how every other passive skill exceeds the speed cap I don’t see how it’s NOT a bug unless blizzard has specifically stated otherwise. Movement cap specifically states it is from items and paragon. The ferret passive does not work according to the descriptions in the game, that’s a bug.

“Do you really think you are the first to notice this?”

-I fail to see the relevance. If it isn’t working as intended it should be fixed.

“The ferret movement speed has always been limited…right from beginning”

-Again, I fail to see the relevance. If there was an extremely egregious bug on a skill that nobody used, let’s say a certain primary ability flat out didn’t work at all but nobody cared because nobody used it…would, “it’s always been that way” be a valid argument to keep things the same?

I’m getting push back from this yet people are either unable or unwilling to either explain why or how they know it’s intended.


Its because things like fleet footed and mantra of salvation were changed to exceed the cap and they never bothered to changed ferrets (many years ago wind through reeds and fleet footed were both subject to the cap) but they never changrd ferrets that we know its working as intended


Technically this isn’t a bug, it’s more of an oversight on Blizzard’s end. They modified most skills and bonuses to allow you to go over the 25% cap. They missed this one. It’s been brought up in the past. I don’t think we’ve ever had a Blue respond and say they intentionally didn’t include it with the movement speed updates though.

So until a Blue does confirm it isn’t supposed to go over 25%, I’m cool with posting this here in the hopes of shining a light on the issue.