@Devs , Save the rest of this Season

Well, it started good but ended up badly…
And this Season is still going for a while…
Dont know how many players quitt already ( i did ) , but i could be fixed.

-First, change stat stupid Movement in Paragagon.
Who ever thought thats good should be …
-Second, add souls to the rift chests…I have thousends and thousends of everything but no souls. And even when you have enough souls to start crafting, you get nothing in return…frustrating…

-And at least let us use the “ashen ancient Primal” 2 or 3 times.
Primals dont rain from the sky, and even when you craft one its a high chance thats a bad roll…

That would be possible with a tiny little patch. Nothing more. Not much effort and players would be pleased.


I shan’t be pleased untill the Altar and unrestricted paragon is back! :grin:

Stop complaining so much (edited phrase). Play a class/character/build with unlimited move speed (high mobility to be more precise). Or play non season… or play another game.
Cheers :+1:


And not mandatory for any build. One crafted primal equipped at a time is more than enough.

Stop complaining. Just because you can’t bother to adapt doesn’t mean the devs should do detrimental changes.


You would be pleased. I would not.

This Season is lost already

They need to speed up the next Season, with Altars and uncapped Paragon


I would second the adding of Forgotten Souls to the Diabolical Chest at the end, but I would also suggest to increase the amount dropped from Odious Collector goblins. Halving the costs to reforge from 50 to 25 Forgotten Souls would have the biggest impact and should be done. I always thought 50 FS to be a bit much, but now it’s even more obvious.

Autopick and salvage for pets should be brought back at once. They can just enable it as community buff and then move it back to the Altar when it returns.

Paragon Movement speed would be appreciated.

As for primalized items. Okay, that one is rather pointless. If they increase it (I don’t think they should!), then I could agree to have it like the cube - that would mean you can equip 1 weapon or offhand, 1 Armor piece and 1 jewelry piece…

I pretty much agree to that statement :smiley:


Season won’t change because you asked for additional features. Most we’ll ever get would be double goblins somewhere I bet.

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You didn’t quit. You just finished the season. Now you have to wait until next season. No one is going to make any of the changes you requested in season on a decade old game.

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I play nonseason. Don’t like S29.

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i think some people are not old enough for a good conversation…
Stop whining… wow, what an answer
And yes, i play other Games like Grim Dawn and Titan Quest.
Both better, and the Devs awnser…Here…dead end.

This Season is over, good start, bad middle, catastrofic end.
I’m not alone with that.

If you just dont want to understand what i’m trying to say, than just say nothing.
Or are you scared the changes would shrink your e pen ?

Go play your Game and accept other people opinions.

Btw, Grim Dawn will get another Addon…This alone will wipe the floor with D3 and d4 Distaster… They make the Game fun for the players…not otherwise , or complicated or unfunny with stupid decissions


Some people just have no composure and want to feel like a part of the conversation. Just ignore them, everyone else does.


Maybe if Blizzard would stop adding (or in a very specific case, limiting) ways to finish the game more quickly, people would stick around for longer.



Then again, maybe that is part of their plan.

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We understand you perfectly. However minor inconveniences to you personally are not in any way a valid excuse to make detrimental changes to the game.

Primals are not mandatory to any build. One crafted primal equipped at a time is more than enough. Any further would just circumvent the gearing process. Gearing up in D3 is already way too easy, no need to simplify it further.

Need more movement speed? Stack it on your gear. The movement affix is mere clutter in non-season, in S29 it for once has purpose.

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I will change it to stop complaining so much and hope that will make you feel better. It’s just a fact that your posts about this season mostly have been complaints over and over.
Cheers :+1:

As opposed to yours which have been mostly insults over and over?

Throwing stones while living in a glass house.


I edited my post as well. “Whining” was maybe a bit harsh but “complaining” certainly isn’t. Groot definitely has been complaining about various inconveniences and rather than trying to work around them, he’d rather make the game worse.

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Complaints can be valid. Never forget that.


But to some people, any complaint is bad and they always feel the need to critique others when they do… yet they never skip a beat doing it themselves. Complaints are not always negative. They are just an expression of someone’s discontent with something, which is how we get better. If nobody complained about anything, the company would think everything is great.

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People generally quit games en masse because they are bored with the game.

When people complain about people leaving the game en masse, and in the same complaint want ways to speed the game up further which will make them leave faster… Seems like a contradiction.

Speeding things up by allowing more ashen primals to be worn or including souls in the Enmity portal chests isn’t going to help the problem, it will just make it worse.

Diablo 3 is already way passed Ludicrous speed… Making it play faster isn’t going to solve the player retention problem.

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It very well may seem like that. I understand that not everyone has an objective mindset or know much about problem-solving but sometimes, there are ways to accomplish both.

You can speed up menial tasks and have quality things to do afterwards which will keep people. That’s where games like D4 dropped the ball.

People leave D3 because the game is in maintenance mode. There is nothing more new to look forward to. The altar was popular, but in the end, it will be the same thing over and over… like any other permanent entity in the game. Going forward, it will just be the same old stuff recycled.