Developer Insights 1/28

I don’t think a NEW DH set is an answer, but something like a RROG buff may help, if we can say, ditch helm for that unique helm and therefore use an extra ring in cube = 5+ levels of increase without a new set with weird gameplay.

question - when you guys look use paragon 5000 as a benchmark, do you include augments, or just 5000 points worth of extra stats?

im a solo player and boredom kicks in way before i even get anywhere near 5000 paragon. dont even think i have half that non season. there is no balance between solo and group at all. solo play is not rewarding.

i have never played a season to the end as it becomes more and more difficult to keep up with those at the top of the leader boards or even place on them. power creep group play and high paragon have increased the gap between people like me and those who are able to place gradually making that part of the game a pointless exercise for us.

cant even do public bounties cos paragon gate kickings. not the meta build gate kickings.

the game was more fun when it was difficult than it is now with more dps from meta build is the only way to progress. solo “levelling” is moot and the disparity is why so many solo playerslast 2 weeks max per season


Am still worried after reading the blog post about balance. It looks like next season is still going to be where that 1 optimal build that EVERYONE is going to use to climb leaderboards. I’m still very confused what balance means to them. Every build/set for each class should be enjoyable and able to compete with others at around the same GR range. All i have are worries and concerns now.

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It’s kind of hard to put faith in the base of 5000 paragon when the teams lead is only 800.

Though I am not a fan of plans for the sets. All this does is promote having more then your main which leads to as many have stated a huge storage limit. (mind you my opinion is for others and not my team as it doesn’t effect our game play no matter what happens)

One thing I’m not a fan of is the lessening of the skill it needs to use these sets. It seems like it’s being dumbed down to a point that you can play while writing a paper for school.

We do look at, and consider, everything. It’s part of why averaging is so important, as well as why we have a sliding scale we can measure up or down to.

I think some folks are taking the scale as “Oh, this is what I should be at.” I knew that was a risk, as people have a tendency to latch on to numbers as truth. :slight_smile: It may be more helpful to think of it as a fixed point that lies between the most common level of player and the most visible/highest performing players that we can then adjust up or down to in order to provide similar comparisons.


Well, this didn’t say that much new to be perfectly honest, but it’s good to have an official word about the devs’ thoughts on the GR150 cap, overall attitude to z-builds, their plans with regards to balance, and what are (some of) the numbers that they’re looking at.

What I specifically missed, however, was even just a comment on the bot issue in D3. Wasn’t there a blue line in one of the threads here recently saying that “the cheaters’ time will come”?

Also, this is a great point:

Out of curiosity, does the dev team have an opinion on “one-rune” skills? So Land of the Dead + Frozen Lands, Akarat’s Champion + Prophet, Laws of Valor + Unstoppable Force. Runes that feel so powerful its hard to think of a situation where you would prefer another one instead.

I’m wondering what you guys think about them. Are you OK with there being some skills like this, is this something you hope to work on in future patches, or is this not really a priority at the moment? Thanks if you get the time to respond!


Btw, are you at all looking at changing skills that are too weak (or too strong), or is it all set item galore from here on out?

Solo players have been crapped on since launch.

At least give us automatically all three followers at the same time, it requires almost no extra coding and its showing some love for solo players.


good to know. thank you.

With Diablo 4 coming out, I am not opposed to seeing every class attaining 150 solo grift with enough paragon, skill, and gear. Obviously not today, or even next year, but by the time the next game is released it would be great to get some closure before moving on.

The reason people think you balance around groups is because from an optimization perspective, it’s been many years since playing solo has been the best way to do anything.

If I had to try and ballpark it, I would say that farming in a group is about 5x more XP than playing solo. This is including both the intrinsic XP buff for being near group members as well as the ability to farm higher GRs faster. Group play is also much more effective at key and bounty farming.

If you want to min-max your character, time spent playing solo is quite literally time wasted.


The issue is still the massive disparity between solo and group. Groups get higher Legendary Gems ranks which they then use in solo clears…that is not fair.

Groups get far more progression with Paragon…yes they should get more but not the significant amount more to mean a player who is 100% solo cannot compete on the Leaderboards with a group player who then uses his build/gems/paragon to compete on the solo leaderboard.

The disparity is still far too big and needs sorted…or do a SSF leaderboard.


Blizzard are bums. They aren’t doing anything besides adding new gear sets and changing existing ones. They aren’t doing anything to to get us outside of Greater Rifts or revamping the Torment Difficulty system.

I have a question @Nevalistis how come you guys never thought of changing the way builds work in D3? my favoritte I have ever seen is in Path of Exile, basically the skills work of gems and gems can be linked and socketed which feels like a lego system like you can build any kind of build you can think off, its so cool.

In D3 there are specific skills you have to pick and you can’t make your own builds, is there a reason for this?

If you had your way would you put in a similar skill tree in D3?

This could easily be done by giving followers a buff that increases their overall damage (and maybe toughness) by a percentage of your main stat.

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If Blizzard wants to put a stop to stop skill animation and snapshotting, which is aimed at the crusader and wizard bazooka build, then make changes in the gear so to better serve in the 4 player meta. Like as in with the bazooka wizard, make a LoN build that uses the Legacy of Dreams gem, but not have to hit skills in a convoluted sequence in order to do its job. The meta needs a trash killer, so enable the gear to do so, but not in a set. I hope you understand what I’m thinking. Love playing this game solo and in groups.

Side note: I would like to see every build from every class set be viable in solo and group play on the offensive side only. Demon Hunters and Witch Doctors are getting the shaft on higher group meta play, please fix that.

You get the picture.


Promising blog post. I am glad they’re giving some context and explaining their vision a bit. That is unquestionably good.

There are two things about it that make me continue to worry, however. First, the aforementioned 5000 paragon. This is just laughable. Sure, you can do math, but the fact that they look at that total and even think it’s in a representative middle is insane. I play far more than most. I’m 1780-ish this season. After the season is over, my non-season paragon will be… ~2750.

The second is that they appear to be looking at balance for an entire class, and for even more than the 1000 spots on the leaderboard, which… just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Essentially they’re muddying the water so much that it’s going to cause any measurement to regress a tremendous amount. Even if one class has a set that allows them to outperform all other classes, that effect is going to be severely dulled by not only other sets, but player skill, the community gravitating toward certain classes/sets, etc. It’s just a terrible methodology.

I lied there’s a third, they talk about single player and designing around both when it’s just clearly not true. As others have pointed out, the advantage of grouping gets bigger and bigger all the time, for multiple reasons, and they do nothing at all to address it.

The buffer for the nerfs to come. :money_mouth_face: Like this season the most out of all seasons because the paragon i gained is 700 more than i usually get. Still cant keep up with the fishery. I hate wasting keys to fishing.
Hope next season theme is 1k bounty mats rain from the sky when you die. :cloud_with_snow: :rainbow: