Deletion of Threads


I recently made a post in the Bug Report Forum instead of the PTR Bug Report Forum by mistake.

At that time, I was not aware that you were able to move your own threads after creation, so I made a new thread in the correct forum.

I do not know of a way to delete threads, and I did not particularly want to move it since there would now be 2 identical threads in the same forum. So I flagged it. Then I flagged it again a few days later, but it is still there. I expect some other people flagged it as well.

My question is: If I flag my own posts, and if other people flag them for a simple mistake, is this a negative strike against me as far as reaching Trust Level 3 on the Forums?

There is already a delete post button, but it says I do not have permission to use it. I think I should have permission to delete my own threads.


On the old forums you could include a note as to why you were reporting. New forums, no. So I advise you not to report yourself. It could end up as a strike against you if you get enough reports to trigger the automated systems. Bug reports are so quiet that it is not likely, but still. Don’t do that.

I know you can’t self reply in your own thread, but if you need me to post “delete please OP has created a thread in the proper forum” I will. I don’t know mods will care…but that would be the way to go about it.


Thanks for the Reply. I ended up moving it to the Tech support forums for some reason I can’t remember.


Taken care of. :slight_smile: