Delay the starting date of S23?

So normally the newest patch releasing date is announced before the season ends. I am wondering when will Patch 2.7.0 be released, and when S23 will start? S22 has been delayed for 1 month. Will it also delay the starting date of S23?

“We have a few things in review to be updated from PTR > Season 23 start. For any incoming changes, we will include these in the Season 23 preview blog coming soon.”

Since S22 ends on March 28th, the patch will then release on the 30th. Then there’ll be at least one week of pre-season testing for anything out of balance and leftover bugs. That means S23 starts on April 9th at earliest.

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nope begin 2 april :slight_smile:

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If I was Blizzard I’d start the season April first just to screw with all the people trying to guess which day it starts. I wouldn’t tell anybody either I’d just do it.

You are wrong, it starts on April 2nd. They don’t need to test their code because they haven’t fixed any of their annoying stability/lafg/freeze/crash issues. So why don’t care about the playerbase? Lets start as early as we can!

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When I posted that the S23 blog wasn’t out yet. So the April 9th start date was an estimate based on how season breaks were previously handled. This is the first season break in a long time to last less than a week.

Logic. Use it.

Perfect. Then I would start it on April First :wink:

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Season 14-15, Season 16-17 and Season 17-18 with only 5 day breaks, not that long ago. Logic. You have none.

The advice about the 9th being the most likely (at the time the posts were made) was based upon the prevailing information Blizzard had posted regarding why they were going to have at least a week between patches and subsequent season starts…

…and the fact that, until this upcoming season, they had stuck to this in all patching / seasons made after Nev’s post.


Looking at the patch notes this season should have another ptr and be dealyed until further notice, its a bad joke/