Dear Blizzard... Wizards?

Could you guys please buff Wizard’s more? I don’t think you favor them enough almost every season… please buff meteor wizard. It needs more buffs. Maybe a 55000% damage buff to meteor on Tal Rasha set?

Ok but seriously… You guys legitimately favor Wizard and Necro… it’s getting ridiculous.

Necro? The class where most of the top builds die instantly to a stiff breeze because the stupid krysbin sentence is required on all builds and you need to wear captain crimson set instead of dayntee’s binding?

Yes enjoy your Rathma necro next season. I hope you don’t trip over a pebble on the ground and get 1 shot.

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lol… what? necro has been part of meta for like YEARS bro…

Oh no for the first time in 3-4 seasons (which is over a YEAR fyi) wizards and necros are S tier along with 3 other classes, let’s cry about it! You do know rat runs don’t actually count as meta right?

Oh no… wizards critting for 30T+ before paragon 1000… as they have for a long time…whatever shall we do… lol wizard’s have been amazing for a long time. The 3-4 season’s you’re talking about, they were like 2nd or 3rd place. oh no :roll_eyes: … Rat runs do count, lets not pretend they don’t.

yeah please buff WW barbs, let me apply ad with ambo rend please! :clown_face:

While the actual top classes do 100-200T+ before 1k gons, well we roll something else that’s what we do while we wait and now we don’t have to, so unfair?

Current season last, arguably #6 which I’d argue for sure but what’s the point in arguing over subpar? UP is UP. We’ve been waiting ever since S23 (Mirror image FB season). Necros are the ones that have actually been 2nd or 3rd, only because of their group meta, their solo was still horrible till now.

Rat runs certainly don’t count for current season, who the hell does those when you have EN runs? Yes nerfed now but with so much other things buffed no ones really going to do them. It really hasn’t been a meta thing for a few seasons now and been largely ignored…again like I said 3-4.

This season will feature 5 of the 7 classes with S tier builds, arguably 6 of 7. So you either have an issue with balance or with wizards/necros, which is it?

lol… thats the only idea bliz has rattling around in their brain for barbs…WW!!! lets just focus on WW!!

yea sorry, I shouldn’t have said 1k paragons, i should’ve said like 500… cause it’s true.

Now I know you’re full of it, nothing really hits hard for wizard right now. We got decent things with speeds with Typhon’s and Firebirds but they’re all AS based. Arcane Orb / Twister also doesn’t hit that heavy and based on spamming the spells together and using niche timings and gearing, definitely not a para >1k thing.

Now Meteors is going to hit that hard yes but we certainly didn’t get to experience that on PTR, so you’re complaining about this before the first meteor even drops live based on assumptions of how it will work. We really don’t know for sure till it’s live.

There’s nothing you can say for your case, you’re just hating on wizard getting nice things for some reason.

Yea, because 4Q damage on maxroll doesn’t tell us anything :roll_eyes:

whatever helps you cope bud. keep lickin them boots because they picked you.