DClone Spawn - Let's think backwards

Let’s say instead of 75-120 SoJ’s sold globally to spawn him, but 75-120 SoJ’s found/dropped globally would spawn him. Whenever that certain number(let’s say 80th SoJ is found) DClone will spawn on that IP address if it’s still based upon IP address, and whoever happens to be on that IP address in a Hell game would have DClone spawn. That way people aren’t IP hunting, but rather get lucky being on that IP address when that certain number of SoJ’s are found/dropped!

80th SoJ found globally on IP address 123.456.789.0
Anyone in a Hell game on IP address 123.456.789.0 will have DClone Spawn.

With this way of spawning DClone there are a few Pros:

  • This would make players not be able to dupe SoJ’s to spawn DClone because it’s based upon SoJ drops, and not SoJ’s sold.
  • This would make players not be able to AFK/IP hunt for a DClone poppable IP address that a person/groups announce beforehand.
  • This would make people who sometimes have never gotten an Anni before a possible chance at getting one. This way makes a fair chance for all players!

From another thread blash gave an idea about vendors!

Two ideas that could reverse how DClone spawns:
1. 75-120 SoJ’s(they could adjust this) found/dropped globally would spawn him.
2. 75-120 SoJ’s(they could adjust this) gambled would spawn him.
So, instead of selling SoJ’s you would have to find/gamble(still found but in a different way) SoJ’s to spawn DClone. This way dupers(if duping exists) wouldn’t dupe a massive amount of SoJ’s for spawning DClone! :smiley:

They could either use 1, or the other idea! Or, combine both to spawn DClone! :smiley:
1. 75-120 SoJ’s(they could adjust this) found/dropped globally would spawn him.
2. 75-120 SoJ’s(they could adjust this) gambled would spawn him.
3. 75-120 SoJ’s(they could adjust this) found/dropped and gambled would spawn him.


I like where this is headed - only issue I see, is that you don’t know if it’s a soj before you have actual identified it.
However - how about whenever a unique ring is identified, and it is a soj, it will count toward DC spawn?
I know, if that was the solution, all would wanna identify unique rings in hell games, to be able to get the anni, if the soj you identified would be the trigger.

Yea, that could work.

True, but what if the game already knows it’s a SoJ! It would be up to the game to know that it’s a SoJ, and would automatically count towards it being a SoJ found! You wouldn’t know if yours is a SoJ, though, exactly because someone else may have found a unique ring, and it’s a SoJ that counted towards to SoJ found count.

It would at least make it so we don’t have an incentive to figure out how to dupe SoJ’s.

Leaving the spawn on the number of sold SoJ’s will mean duping them is a #1 priority for the player base.

Or, if a unique ring drops and the game knows it’s a SoJ it won’t count towards the SoJ found count until it is identified. Once identified then it goes towards the SoJ found count on whatever IP address the indentification occurs.

I suggested this before on another topic, I’m sure others may have as well. After thinking about it more I feel it would spawn Dclone too often. I think I prefer the way it works now with selling soj.

Like many things in D2R, the first “season” of the game likely will be bug fixes, and the devs learning more about the game and player behavior for future tweaks.

Leaving the DClone spawning mechanic the same is very likely to introduce strange or frustrating results. They are probably just going to see how it goes for season 1 and go from there if it needs fixing.

The real problem I see with this are bots. They would no longer have to sell their soj to get anni. So now they get to profit twice, and no soj are taken out of circulation which will drive the price to the floor.

With his edit they could change it to where say 950-1,000 SoJ’s would be the value. That way every 950-1,000 SoJ’s found/dropped globally would spawn DClone! Would make the Anni more rare.

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Yes but once again, no soj are taken out of circulation and the bot profits twice. Sure annis become more expensive and soj become extremely cheap. That’s not a fix it’s just pushing the problem elsewhere.

Not necessarily. If they keep the same method for selling SoJ’s there will possibly be dupers to dupe SoJ’s, and they may private sell them to make profit off of IP hunting servers to pop. With SoJ finding the bots would have to find that certain number of SoJ found to spawn him(example 80th SoJ found - an actual human player might find this instead of a bot), and if not the bot would have to be on the right IP address for DClone to even spawn. So, therefore bots would actually lose some with the DClone spawn method involving SoJ’s found compared to dupers(if dupes become a thing again) who would profit from duping SoJ’s again to spawn DClone. Again, this is just an idea and no matter what method the Devs do for DClone spawn I’m fine with. As long as they try their best to keep bots/dupes off of Bnet then we’ll be fine with the same method as og D2 DClone spawn method! :slight_smile: