Darkening Event

Sorry to bother with this one, but it’s my first time with this and just want to make sure before I begin a new character: is it only in season, or is it in both?

You can do this with a seasonal or non-seasonal hero. Works for either.


Great! Thanks! (Apparently, I can’t stop typing for 20 characters!)

The only restriction, that I’m aware of, is that the Event is only available in January.

Note: The Achievements are global. I’m not sure if the Pets and Portrait Frames are available immediately for both Season and non-Season. If not, they will carry over, including the Red Soul Shard Legendary Gem, if you want to do this with a Seasonal Character.

Sorry I’m “late to the party”, but if you need some tips, you might want to look this over: [SPOILER] The Darkening of Tristram Guide

Just throw an emoji on the end of it. (The characters that make up the emoji count).

For example:
      “Great! Thanks!” = 13 characters. (I don’t think spaces count).
      :ok_hand: = 9 characters. :ok_hand:
      So, “Great! Thanks! :ok_hand:” = 22 characters.

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