D4, where is my horse?

I was told there were horses, slash mounts in D4. The map is so fracking big. Where is my horse?
A horse, my kingdom for a horse!! (*)

(*) actually, I don’t have a kingdom, but if I ever get one, it could be yours! For the low low price of a horse!

Just a guess but maybe you have to first beat Diablo…if he or she or gender neutral individual is even in the game to unlock the horse.

Apparently, you have to wait Act 2 to get a horse or something. Or so I was told, if I remember correctly. I just wanted to shout Shakespeare into the wilderness of Diablo lore! :open_mouth:

You have to do a quest for it. But I don’t think it’s in act 2.

I saw a couple players on horses last weekend.

I cleared the whole map and did most quests last weekend too… I saw 2 people on horses too, but a friend suggested it might have been NPCs…

One of them was in town, but the other actually went out in the open world and I followed him for a few seconds. Then he disappeared, or his horse was quicker than my in-game eyeballs.

No, you didn’t. You saw NPC’s. Mounts are earned via quest in Act II, which is not available in Beta. Lorath gives it to you as he is leaving on his own journey. Look at the quest log - it shows in there ‘Cannot be progressed in this version of the game’

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Yeah, there is a quest you need to do. I will say the horse thing is kinda cool. The closed beta had the option of unlocking them.

Blocked in beta like many other things.

I been told D4 has its own forum.

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