D4 trading - why it needs to be limited or not at all

Yeah I agree, it’s like they just have blinders when it comes to diablo and its past… Trading was a thing and there is a huge difference between someone ‘barb sharing loot’ to me soloing and sharing with my friends because I found a couple good runes that can help their progression… Especially because for alot of diablo players its a solo experience, meaning I could snag a few runs when I feel like it and then potentially help my friends out with the spoils of my efforts --> or keep said loot and trade it for something that I can use, this is way more exciting then finding a ‘flavor of time’ with the ‘perfect stats’ that gives me 1% more cdr an 5% more crit dmg, just my 2 cents.

Not a popular opinion but I actually liked the auction house on d3, I played the auction house more then I played… It was fun finding good deals --> trading said good deals for gold --> using gold to find more deals and helping friends out with stuff I snagged along the way. Part of the fun even in d2 is knowing what you can trade, knowing the values of items, wheeling and dealing those trades to make something possible that may not have been.

Who cares if a few rotten apples want to ‘pay 2 win’, you can already do that in alot of ways even if an actual store isn’t present, you can move to a bigger city and get the best internet so you can have 8 ms ping on a pvp game server, pay for better gaming equipment, there’s plenty of ways to ‘pay to win’ other then just buying some pixel for $$.

But you have no proof that, if drop progression was adjusted to be the same as trade, that more people would not play SSF.

Also, it’s SOLO, which is a darn good reason to avoid it for a lot of people. I enjoy multiplayer in ARPGs. If a mode is going to force me into solo play, I’m probably going to avoid it. My choice has nothing to do with trading.

Trading = It decreases drop rates, promotes Pay to Win third party sites, and encourages cheating.

No trading or Really limited indeed !


If it’s a solo experience, then why do you feel like you need the ability to trade items? When you trade you’re making it a multiplayer experience, since trading isn’t possible without multiplayer.

That is why people hated the Auction House. They paid to play a loot hunting demon killing game, not sit on an AH screen outside the game.

It’s not fun keeping track of a virtual economy. I want to be playing the game and finding items I can use, not sitting in a chat trying to figure out what someone else thinks my item is worth.

You realize D2 has trading right or did you forget, because none of what you say is true with respect to D2.
Funny D3 does not have trading and what you are saying seems more applicable.

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Seems very true for D2.

Yeah. Indeed. Because D3 does exactly the same with its insane droprates, Haedrigs gift etc.
Obviously don’t do that either.

The system from Diablo 2 is the far better one, because it doesn’t really fix you on anything, but you can simply make your luck anywhere.

In addition, the rarity value and thus the joy is greater than processing a game for items.

I want to play a game, not work down.

Assuming you get lucky.

I don’t want luck - I want the ability to plan out my own goals and work toward them.

In my experience, it means the frustration value is a hell of a lot greater. Finally finding something results in weary satisfaction instead of joy. If I haven’t quit from the aforementioned frustration.

I can understand you on a certain side. But the problem with planning for items and working on them is that the focus moves away from the game and is transformed into a work system.
Suddenly the game itself is no longer the same as in D2. Suddenly you focus on processing and only aim at points.
So a game world is greatly devalued and preceded by the precise unwinding.

This is one of those aspects that make a game very weak and a work environment, a race, a very unsavory grind.

It may also be a matter of attitude, but personally I prefer to play a game, a story and to set myself off in a functioning world during these game runs or to kill a boss and to trust my luck.
It is very little fun for me, especially in the long run, if I fade out the world and, in a trivial world, actually just take a few shots.

Oh and there is one more thing.

Items get a much more valuable status. You become something special.
In D2 it was cool to have a SoJ dropped, or to have a gold high level bow on the floor.

In a specifically planned item procurement system, there is simply an inflation of values and a constant race for more and more and the best faster and faster … Blizz we constantly need new content …
This is not good for an RPG factor and an actual game.

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True! And if you are adult you do something because you want to do it. You can have fun with the game in many ways. Many magic items are in some ways better than uniques. For example scintillating ring of fortune or fortitious ring of fortube etc.

Not if you have to do in-game activities and still have the chance to get drops as usual.

You aim at points anyway. You just have no control over when you achieve them.

Again, NOT if you’re actually doing things in that world. If quests, for example, require you go out and hunt down specific mobs in their areas, or do boss runs to get quest items, then how is that devaluing the world?

You know what makes for a very unsavory grind? Spending 500 hours going after a Wand of Woh because it has a stupid low drop rate and the only way to get it is a completely random drop in the world (and blowing shards at Kadala, which doesn’t usually help on weapons).

I’m tired of hearing this. Trade doesn’t give all items value. It gives the “good” items value. Nobody trades junk.

You can give items value in other ways, like integrating them into faction systems, or even high-end quests where the faction or quest giver wants you to find that legendary item.

Or say you had a crafting system where not only could you break down items for mats, but where you could add items or materials to crafting recipes to alter the results. Maybe you could choose to break down items in different ways - let’s say you broke down a high-strength item to get materials to add strength to your gear. Suddenly every item has value - more items than in a trade system - because they could all be used to improve what you already have.

They could bring back MF that way, if it was a stat you could choose to add to your own items.

You think in an open trade system people wouldn’t ask for new content?


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Great post! Also frequently asked question of d3 lovers. „Why you d2 fans post here, not on d2 forum?” Because on this forum is diablo 4 feedback thread man!

It’s 9 months later, man. He’s not here to read your praise.

Uh huh. Because you’ve given so much D4 feedback in your 20 posts. Oh, wait. You really haven’t.

I gave 20, others gave more. Hope is in quantity.

not sure if anyone’s suggested this yet but what about a rare drop that’s used to make an item tradable? a for sale sticker in other words. only one per account at any given time and obviously can only be used to trade for other items with for sale stickers on them. i think this would add an interesting layer to trading and keep it as sort of a special activity. maybe each tier of item requires a different amount, uniques require 2 in order to trade instead of 1 for rares. this idea could be adjusted quite a bit

when i say rare, i mean higher level unique ring drop in d2 rare. not high rune rare but rare enough that you only see one every few days or more. for the record i would prefer open trade just trying to compromise. we’re probably never going to see d4 anyway because the disturbing us capitalist house of cards is falling right before our eyes which is definitely going to delay or destroy this project. let’s just hope blizzard can outsource this too :sweat_smile:

Well becasue this is still a D3 forum. Nothing stopping you from posting your D4 desires on the D2 forums.
And laughable that you think D3 is not a true successor, and D4 will be anything closer to D2 in anything other than looks, which most of the D2 crew here dislike.
The game plays more like D3, has respecs, will allow all skills to be maxed out so on character can enjoy all builds at their whim, and Legendaries will still rule the day.

It will definitely be different than all 3 games so far, but I think it it resembles D2 on the surface and in early gameplay, but in the long run it will be more of an arcadey mob-blasting romp more similar to D3.

Interesting idea, but the drop rarity you’re suggesting would be pushing the enveloppe a bit too far. ^^
Also, anybody can drop a “trading ticket”, which would incite people not interested in trading to participate, much like D3 AH did.

It has been suggested some times yeah.
It is basically another way to add a transaction cost to trading. It certainly could help somewhat. Likely much better than having a gold cost to trading, since gold too often risk becoming meaningless over time.

Unsurprisingly I would consider that way too common. Maybe averaging one every month. That would help to ensure you made the trades really count. Trading great item for great item only.

Then it would also be more like the counter to being unlucky that some people claim they want.

Not once bothered with the RMAH or normal AH in D3. Not everyone will trade.


Diablo 3 vanilla had both trading and Auction house and you saw how it ended…

Thank god RoS saved it…

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