D4 open beta login queue "Emotional Damage"

So did they fix the queue problem? Nope.
“Emotional Damage”

They need Failure Management ™.


They gave a heads up to expect Q-s, and down times this weekend also. What have you expected when on this weekend millions of people will try and get in? They fixed q times in early access beta, they will fix this one also. It’s a test, they learn from it and will adapt.

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The open beta is mainly to test their infastructure, not to hear about your opinions of the game.
By, intentionally, lowering the capacity they can test how the system behaves under heavy load.


The queues are on purpose. They released a notice and explanation a couple days ago.

Thank you to those who participated in the Early Access Beta. Betas are incredibly useful for the development team. They allow us to test things at a scale that we cannot test on our own, like server capacity, class balance, usability, accessibility, etc. This information is invaluable, ensuring that your experience at launch is as smooth as it can be. It’s also critically important for the development team to hear how players feel about the overall experience of Diablo IV.

With your help, we learned a lot during our Early Access Beta weekend. We intend to learn a lot more this weekend during our Open Beta, and we want to talk to you all about what you can expect and how your participation directly impacts Diablo IV development.

  • Queue Times: When we open the gates again this Friday to absolutely everyone, we are expecting a lot of people. There will be lengthy queue times, particularly on Friday when we first launch and during peak regional windows. This past weekend helped us to forecast the capacity we expect this weekend, and we will be using that capacity to intentionally stress our systems in preparation for launch. In summary, while we know it can be frustrating, we need queues to properly stress test our services and we are designing to ensure we have them some of the time.

  • Maintenance: As we monitor the population or encounter in-game issues to address, there may be times when we will take the game offline temporarily to deploy infrastructure adjustments or fixes.

  • Bugs and Feedback: When you are in-game, whether you’re continuing to build your character from last weekend or trying Druid or Necromancer for the first time, we want to hear from you. The team will be monitoring the forums, where there are dedicated sections for bug reporting and technical support for PC and console, as well as general discussion, where you can leave feedback around anything Diablo IV.

We can’t thank you enough - by providing feedback, reporting, and patiently waiting in queues before enjoying Act 1 of Diablo IV, you are helping us to continually improve the game. This past weekend energized the team, who were finally able to watch players around the world experience what they have been building firsthand, and we’re excited to see and learn even more during this upcoming Open Beta weekend.

The Diablo team will be playing alongside you this weekend, and we look forward to seeing you in Sanctuary!

Hail Lilith.

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Why all streamers are playing now.
Other casual people in queue now. (~120 min)

It is dirty, Bliz. :poop:


They know 99% of the players don’t read or look into anything. So a heads up means nothing.

You can defend them and justify them all you want, doesn’t change the fact they’re shady and never learn.

Funny how that always seems to work


I am playing now too and I don’t have any special login. I was in queue right at noon eastern and it took about 20 mins to get in. We shall see how long I stay in.

I don’t think Blizzard does that with streamers either. Not that I know of. They certainly don’t have special flags on their own accounts. Blizz does not operate that way.

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Yeah I was in for about 10 minutes and was then kicked back to the queue. I believe that is also part of the plan. Kick people out so others can get in. I do imagine it will get better as the weekend moves on but we’ll see.

To be honest, today was much better than last week, so there’s that. Waited about 20 minutes in queue, then played for about 2 hours before quitting. Did have a lot of rubberbanding when entering a new area. I’m guessing that the servers are being hammered, and they just couldn’t load the new areas fast enough. Other than that, it’s been fairly smooth sailing.

Still doesn’t make me want to re-order the game right now, after I got my refund last week.

My experience:

After ~100 min queue, I played about 8 min and then disconnect.

Now I have ~151 min queue.


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Yeah beginning to wonder if there’s any point at all…

Same. I have not gotten kicked yet, but likely will at some point. I have my necro to level 10.

There is a quite a bit of rubberbanding which I did not have last weekend. They are looking into the Disconnects though.

I assume as the weekend goes on it will get better like last weekend.

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I dont mind the queue as such. I mind the crashes/DCs :smiley: Over the last 4 hours I have been in queue for over 3½ hours, and played for about 20 min. With 4 crashes/DCs in those 20 min.
Totally fine for a beta. But there is a lot they need to fix before a launch only 2 months away. That part is worrying. WoW betas have never seen this unstable.

Yeah got in a 3rd time kicked again after 10 minutes. This is garbage I have better things to do. An afterthought: This combat feels maybe too much like D2 for me, as in too slow. Certainly glad I didn’t pre-purchase, I will be waiting to see how it develops before I spend $100.

Got a 30 min queue, watch some TV and some food, got in no problem, what’s the fuss?

Why are so many people acting like the game costs $100. Not just here, but basically everywhere :smiley:

That you might get to revisit that queue 1 min later, and then again, and again. The queue itself is a non-issue tbh.

Let’s not get started on how Blizzard really operates, hmm? You’ve certainly been around long enough to know better.

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I know I just got kicked from the game with a DC for the 4th time. I am back in the queue yet again. I know the streamer folks I talk to, who I admit are smaller, are dealing with the same DCs.

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