D4 - No Set item

Best, and only, good thing I have heard about D4 all day!

I dont necessarily mind small sets (like 2-3 pieces), but I have less faith in Blizzards ability to not screw it up.


Honestly, I have mixed feelings on it. Diablo 3 certainly handled set items poorly, focusing on buffing them to the point that not only were they among the most powerful items, but also they were (not all of them thankfully) incredibly restricting in regards to build and playstyle. However if D4 had managed to keep set items from being the most op items, while also having them less skill specific, then I think they would’ve been fine for the most part. Oh well, hopefully, they consider it in the future, albeit not like D3 ofc.

well it really seems like they want to narrow down itemization to what their preffered audience can mentally handle >__>

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In the video I watched (Rhykker) That do did hint at bringing sets in at some future time.

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It appears so, but I won’t complain much on it.

Oh, hopefully they do.

D4 will have sets just not at launch per Joe Shely. :point_down:

“As we’ve been building the game, we felt like we could evolve sets in a new way relative to what we’ve seen in Diablo 3. But, we needed some more time to get them into the game in a way that would work well with the rest of Diablo 4, so you won’t see sets at launch in the game,” Shely explains. “We think sets are cool, and we want to do them right – so that’s something we’re looking at for our live service.”


They just cant move down the right path for more than an hour at a time :frowning:

How about they said that of runes and the D4 runewords instead.

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let’s just annoy them about runes for the whole time after release xD
after all that should be the benefit of a live service game xD

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Thank goodness.

Hopefully we get that as well, even if it’s down the line via seasons.

Your right path is 10s of millions wrong path.

This is the best part of a live service approach, they can afford to constantly tinker with shelved ideas and eventually work them in during a season as a trial, then an expansion as a feature.

This probably won’t be a popluar opinion, but Immortal sets are a pretty good design. If they don’t become a must in every build that would be best.

Generally, sets have a certain attractive value on their own.
Since they bring in themselves a kind of building strength effect, the more of them you wear.
This quickly makes them very interesting and exciting.
Especially if you can use something like this as a good solid base build for low level chars in the beginning.

But this is exactly the problem with sets.
It’s one thing to take sets off again when you’re wearing them, because you’re always taking enormous losses.
Sets usually also block many equipment slots, so to speak. They make you too dependent, too unfree and force on yourself too high a value. At some point, all of this becomes more like a straitjacket.

On the one hand, I’m always fond of sets because they offer me a feeling of tailored class progress, but I also don’t like sets because they bring a lot of problems that spoil the game.

Doing away with them hmm yeah. I would consider sets consisting of 2-3 parts maximum, for characters in the first third of the game as ok. If you start with a twink and get a set of shoes, shield and belt at level 3 like in D2r and get good bonuses, it always had a good sense and value. It didn’t feel overpowered and didn’t hurt to take it off again, but offered good starting conditions.

Later, however, sets should simply be discontinued and not weigh down the game.
If they are now completely gone, that’s probably fine.

As Avalon quoted:

They will be back someday.

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You are talking about DI set item right?

The funny thing is DI team told people that there will be no set item in DI but after a few months or years later, they added set item into the game.

Maybe because they realized that equipping 6 rare items for endgame build don’t sound too exciting at all.

Or maybe they just want to make dungeon has a purpose to run since in DI, only dungeon drop set items.

Yupp was talking about D:I. Not the Immortal King set.

According to Wudijo (on his stream), Runes will be coming also, after launch!


Yooooo? Is there a vod?

What did i tell you? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t know the credibility of this wudi person so i wanna see what they have to say.

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