D4 itemization suggestion Mockup - Affixes, Stats, the addition of slots and etc

Take a look at this image and let me know your thoughts!


My understanding is that inflated numbers loose meaning and seem to abstract while in smaller increments it is easier to see the power scaling.

Giving better base stats for more basic item variations opens up with more options and thought process required. Specializing items in a focused area although with smaller base stats should still dwarf basic items in power when creating builds most of the time.

Angelic and Demonic names feel too gamy, there could be a bit smarter ways of calling it without sounding too cliche.

Specialized items should have more interesting synergies with multiple possibilities.

Slots add up to RPG side, makes the game feel less Arcady and becomes another mechanic that forces player to think, make choices, and be smart about it.

Lower tear weapons having exceptional amounts of specific stats could stay useful in the end game. A theoretical example: While most items can only scale to +5% stun chance, maybe blue items could possibly scale it to +10% by sacrificing option for more affixes of higher tear items.