D4: Free of Season/NS Play

If the sticky says the forum is for discussing X, you don’t need a neverending list of examples of Not(X) to show what you shouldn’t be discussing.

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It would be pretty easy for Blizzard to step in, if they thought D2 talk was not appropriate. I have certainly seen topics about PoE, Wolcen etc. be moved to another sub-forum.

Well said. It is common sense. At least they made a thread that you can speak D4 in D3 forum. So yes, D2 fans should go back posting at designed Blizzard D2 forum.

Who knows? Both of us have no data on that. All we know that Blizzard add “season” to D3 because the community asked for it in the past.

Some people are playing for a few days every season. Some are also playing for the same amount of hours as years ago or even more or slightly less etc We don’t have the stats on this but it is a fact that some people barely play each new season and some grind just like in the past.

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It’s also not really relevant
All I’m saying is that a game should focus on it’s core lupe and progression and not on creating a new char every 2 months just to see content

In borderlands 3 I am currently playing only with my main and farming for perfect gear for almost a year now
While I HAVE been asking for a rebirth system
But I would never just create the same character again when they release a new event or patch with new weapons
Like, everyone just goes in with their mains to farm that juicy new loot. This isn’t even a question XD

… Why do you think it isn’t true? If they will add seasons to D4 you will write that they added it because there were seasons in D3? Game started to get boring for many players. Seasons offer fresh start with 0 paragons.

Look at in-game communities. For every 1 non season group there are like 15 season groups or even more because most people don’t care about non season and they are bored with it.

By adding season blizzard attract players every time new season start.

That is the most important thing yes, I totally agree.

My opinion though is that seasons are a way to increase play time in this case and well, the game is pretty old by now so it is fine. And yes this was a thing since like 2015 (or earlier?) so yes then the game wasn’t old. But to be fair to Blizzard there are new sets and items etc added to the game over time as well.

But you are correct on what is the most important aspect.