D4: Free of Season/NS Play

I disagree with you there. Both are great ideas if done properly. Unfortunately, Seasons have become very lackluster and slapped together, while the latter has been a complete joke from the start. There is no regulation of the cheaters that populate the LOLboards.

I can’t remember the exact details, but I do feel that D3 stopped receiving any meaningful content/update for every season after the new legendary for every season canned until the real season theme such as RORG came and breathed some new life into the season. In fact, I think I do stopped playing D3 season after I completed Guardian in every season before the seasonal theme was introduced.

I’m afraid you’re wrong. You don’t need Seasons to play a “fresh start”. For a fresh start all you need to do is delete your character and re-create it and there you have a fresh start. But you don’t do that. Why? Because you are not playing for a “fresh start”, you are playing for the perks that come with a Season.

Exactly, you also are driving my point. You too do not play for a “fresh start”, but for perks that come with Season. Hence, no one plays for a “fresh start”.

I checked here:

and then tried to cross reference the patch notes. The only seasons without item/set/skill changes appear to be season 8 (cc of 7) and seasons13-15 (cc of 12).

The last season with seasonal legendaries was season 4. You could earn more stash tabs through completing the seasonal journey,

Exactly, you also are driving my point. You too do not play for a “fresh start”, but for perks that come with Season. Hence, no one plays for a “fresh start”.

You could not be more wrong. You can’t delete paragon points and/or mats and shards therefor it’s not the same.
Me and a couple of friends tend to gather at one of our places the Friday the season starts. There’s a certain appeal to leveling up as a group at the beginning of the season and getting more powerful with each new item. That qualifies as a Fresh Start. It might not be your cup of tea and that’s OK but saying no one plays for a fresh start with 0 proof is quite silly.

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Seasons were added because D3 runned out of content fast. People had nothing to do, only paragons farming.

With seasons you can start new game, experience new build in better way than out of season.

If D4 will have enough content we will not need seasons. D3 endgame is very limitted, not much to do. D4 can change it.

With open world and lessons from D3 i hope we will have more to do than bounties and rifts. D4 should be more about RPG, less about action

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This guy said the best:

Agreed. And I enjoy watching the paragon rising fast at a low level.

Moot point.

If you use a Challenge Rift Cache, it ain’t a “fresh start”.

Again, you emphatically do not play for a fresh start, you play for Season perks. The proof is that if you wanted just a “fresh start” you wouldn’t wait for the start of a Season. Because it’s as simple as deleting and recreating a character to achieve a “fresh start”, which you emphatically do not do.

Again, wrong. We don’t even do the journey since it’s way more fun to power up linear with LOD than skipping from t5 to t13 once you get your 6pc.

Not to mention if i’d start over a non seasonal char at level 1 right now id find 0 groups up until t16. That’s clearly not the case in season play since every body , you know, starts fresh.

But please, feel free to continue to tell me how i’m playing and what i’m enjoying because it’s obvious you know better.

Why I don’t play seasons?

I want to compete and I never have 3 months in row to play 10+ hours a day.
I don’t care about cosmetics in any game.
If I can’t compete there I don’t see point of farming items I already have in non season.

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I find fault in your argument. First, I do not imply “emphatically” motivations to someone who I do not know. Secondly, some players do like a synchronous fresh start that seasons provide.

I can and do often level new characters in non-season. However, there are very few players who do this in non-season at any given time due to the age of the game. In seasons, you can find a ton of players all leveling at the same time, especially at season’s start.

Some people prefers seasons. Some prefer non-seasons. Some enjoy both. Live and let live.


That’s an other problem about D3
1 character can cover all different builds for that class
Therefore you don’t have natural replayability

Yeah. Lvling new characters should be a major thing in an A-RPG.
But it would sure feel better if you do it because you want to try new stuff. And not merely because the game pushes you into season resets.

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Don’t try telling me what i’m playing for or what i enjoy

I can’t delete my paragons, i can’t delete my materials, i can’t delete everyone elses either

Seasonal play is the only way short of rerolling to another region that you can enjoy a fresh start and to compete with other people having said fresh start

And hell just an extra thing to prove you wrong: there was a season, perhaps even multiple, where there were no new rewards after you had obtained the Conquerors transmog set, themes hadn’t been added yet and there was nothing to gain by playing that season… guess what? i still played that season because i wanted the fresh start

Dear god you are one of the most arrogant, condescending posters on this forum, literally pulling a “you think you do, but you don’t”


So a game that has people coming back over and over and over and put in thousands of hours over the last 8 years isn’t good cause seasons is what brings them back?

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Also to add to the others just because you wait for a certain date to restart doesn’t mean you didn’t want a fresh start.

It is kind of like when you set a goal for yourself or decide to start doing something at a certain date. If you say “I am going to start exercising in two weeks” that doesn’t mean you don’t want to exercise. When you say “I want to see how quickly I can level up and reach GR100” you aren’t playing only for cosmetics/theme.

This is something that happens in other aspects of life as well. And like some have said, it is an activity with friends for some.

I personally care almost nothing about cosmetics since most look silly to me, I have only finished two journeys and that is basically because “well I can speed T16 and do GR100+ so it will take barely any time” and not cause I wanted the rewards. If I reach a point of getting bored I stop playing and then hearing about a new season gets me from “Hmm o yeah that Diablo sure was fun” to “Cool why not play again and set a goal for myself”.

Edit: Also sometimes you hear about a new set coming or a build changing because of an item change and that tends to happen close to a new season start so you start thinking of playing and then look up how it is going to be and think hey might as well wait the week or two and start then. Which also builds extra excitement cause you are waiting for that certain date.

But then again, I am wasting my time writing this whole reply because you know what people are thinking better than they are.

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people are literally just playing for a few days every season and then get bored because…guess what? the game is boring
its an effort to keep people playing something that isnt even enjoyable anymore
and it obviously works
D2 has people playing for 20 years now without constant online support
without new sets, legendaries and themes
because its a better game


I’m sorry but that’s plain wrong. It’s an entirely subjective opinion.

A lot of people still play this season, myself included. An entirely different bunch still plays D2. Good for them on both sides. I see no point in downplaying either preference.

However I do find it odd, if you no longer find D3 enjoyable anymore, why are you still here?


because david kim told me to?

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Lying as usual. If you actually play the game, you should know that public games especially Bounty and GR got filled out very fast even for now, and this had been more than a month. :rofl:

Please show me your Diablo 2 Ladder character. I have the feeling that you didn’t play D2 at this moment or recently. :slight_smile:

D3 doesn’t make a single penny from those updates, so they have no reason to have people playing D3 after 8 years yet they do.

Also, many MMORPG, D2 Mod and PoE (Diablo 2 spiritual successor) are also constantly updating the game.

Also, if D2 was a better game, then why are there people asking for D2 remake again in the D3 forum? :rofl:

Indeed. Instead of posting at D2 official forum, he came here to troll. What do you expect from the P23 Monk with no proper legendary items equipped? :slight_smile: